1.4 Mil Soft Touch Finish (OPP) Laminating Film

1.4 Mil Soft Touch Finish (OPP) Laminating Film
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1.4 Mil Soft Touch Finish (OPP) Laminating Film

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Soft Touch laminating film will make your laminated products stand out!!! Sometimes called the sensual laminate, Soft Touch film combines the softness of a rose petal with the strength of premium laminate film. In reality, it is actually a durable, scuff-resistant ultra-matte laminate that will protect and enhance premium prints and packaging products. Soft Touch film provides a vivid color clarity which surpasses that of any standard matte laminating film, along with a rich textural feel.

Soft Touch films unique properties aren't limited to the fantastic feel, it is also scuff resistant, glueable, stampable and will take spot UV coatings for that unique look of gloss highlights on a matte finish. Uses include but aren't limited to: folding cartons, book covers, business cards, post cards, menus or any print project that will be touched or handled.

Note: OPP based film should be run with a minimum amount of tension on the rolls. It is recommended to be used with a heated roller laminator not a heat shoe machine.


Brand NameSpiral
Quantity2 Rolls / Box
Laminate FinishSoft Touch Finish
Laminate Thickness1.4 Mil


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