2.231mm Pitch Black TurboCoil Spiral Binding Coil

2.231mm Pitch Black TurboCoil Spiral Binding Coil
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2.231mm Pitch Black TurboCoil Spiral Binding Coil

Brand: Spiralbinding
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2.231mm Pitch Black TurboCoil Spiral Binding Coil is specifically designed to make binding large books easier and faster. It is bigger, stronger, and faster than your standard spiral coil. This 12" long TurboCoil is available in sizes from 20mm (3/4") to 50mm (2") and is manufactured with a 0.135 gauge filament, the thickest filament available for plastic coil book binding. Designed for use with a 2.231 mm punching die that offers a 0.172 hole size, this larger punching hole provides for faster insertion with less resistance. This binding coil is CPSIA Phthalate and Lead-Free certified. Increase productivity and profit on hard to bind thick books with 2.231mm Pitch Black TurboCoil. Also available in Clear and White colors.

Choose a Coil Size / Diameter

Now choose your coil diameter for your page capacity. You can use the capacity chart here to help choose the best size based on your stack thickness or an estimate of your sheet capacity. Finding how to choose the best coil size is easier than you may think with our capacity chart. There is also a general rule with 3 simple steps to get the proper fit for any kind of binding that works as well: ① Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table. ② Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge. ③ Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element recommended for your document thickness.

SizeStack CapacitySheet Capacity*
20mm11/16" Thick Stack161-170 Sheets
22mm3/4" Thick Stack181-200 Sheets
25mm13/16" Thick Stack211-230 Sheets
28mm7/8" Thick Stack231-250 Sheets
30mm1" Thick Book251-270 Sheets
32mm1 116" Thick Stack271-290 Sheets
35mm1 ¼" Thick Stack291-320 Sheets
38mm1 ⅜" Thick Stack300-320 Sheets
40mm1 ½" Thick Stack321-350 Sheets
45mm1 916" Thick Stack351-390 Sheets
50mm1 ¾" Thick Stack391-440 Sheets

* You will also see that we offer a "sheet capacity" rating above. Using this method of size selection may be less accurate, as it was calculated using all 20 lb. bond paper, with no covers and no other paper stocks. The actual sheet capacity will vary depending on what paper stock and covers you are using. For this reason, we recommend you use the stack capacity for a more accurate fit. All of these capacities are approximations.


Pitch2.231 mm
Color: Black
Diameter20mm - 50mm
QuantityVaries Depending on Size
Make a Selection for Details
Sheet CapacityVaries Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book ThicknessVaries Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Binding StyleSpiral Binding / Plastic Coil


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