Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150)

Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150)
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Letter Size 3-Ring Plastic Binder Mechanisms (Box of 150)

Brand: Spiralbinding
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If you've been searching for plastic ring binder spines, you've come to the right place! Spiral stocks a selection of plastic binder mechanisms in several colors, including black, gray, off-white, and blue. The plastic is not flexible; it is a thick and durable resin that can withstand heavy usage. For added durability, the backing is made of metal.

The rings on these binder spines are 1" in diameter, which is rated to hold approximately 225 sheets of standard 20 lb. copy paper, or about a 5/8" thick stack of materials. They feature three rings that are spaced 4 ¼" apart from each other, which is the standard US spacing for letter size 8 ½" wide by 11" high paper. That means you can use them with any of our standard 3-hole punches, and pair them with full size index tabs.

Whether using these unique plastic ring hardware pieces to make unique custom binders, or for journals and notebooks, they make a great choice for anyone who wants the functionality and strength of traditional 3-ring letter size binder mechanisms, but with a modern twist. Consider using them with binder rivets and a rivet setter tool to attach them to material of your choice.

The best way to measure the capacity for a ring binder or ring binder mechanism is to use a stack thickness. To do so, allow your entire stack of paper, tabs, etc. to lay flat, without pressing them down, and measure the height of the stack. We also list an approximate sheet capacity, however, because there are so many different kinds of papers and paper thicknesses, this is a less accurate method of determining capacity. The sheet capacity below is based on standard 20 lb. copy paper alone.

Ring SizeColors AvailableSheet Capacity*Stack Capacity*
1"Black, Off-White, Gray, Blue200 Sheets5/8" Thick Stack


* Specifications are approximations and may very depending on paper stock and other factors.


ManufacturerUS Ring
Manufacturer Part NumberRINGMECHSPLA GRP
Quantity150 Mechanisms
Sheet SizeLetter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Number of Rings3-Rings
Ring Spacing4 ¼" Between Rings [Center to Center]
Ring Diameter1"
Ring ShapeRound Ring
Sheet Capacity* [Stack Thickness]225 Sheets [5/8" Thick Stack]
Base Length11-3/8" Overall (11-1/16" Metal Back)
Base Width3/4"
Rivet Hole Diameter3/16"
Rivet Hole Spacing (Center to Center)9-9/16"
Rivet Hole Position (From Edge of Mechanism to Start of Hole)13/16"


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