Accel Air 3 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)

Accel Air 3 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)
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Sorry, but Accel Air 3 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued) is no longer available to buy.

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Accel Air 3 Air Packaging Machine 1 /Each (Discontinued)

Item #: 04ACCELAIR3


If your business has been wanting to streamline the packaging process, reduce the need for storage space of bubble wraps, and make the packagers easy enough for anyone in your office to use, then the Accel Air 3 from Spiral is the perfect solution. This innovative new packaging machine creates protective packing on-demand, which reduces the need for storage space of pre-filled rolls. In fact, just 1 case of the Accel Air packaging film has the same yield as about 10 ½ rolls of traditional bubble wrap, which takes up a huge amount of space. The machine itself also has a small footprint at just 18" x 8 ½" x 8 ½" and can be either used laying on a worktable, or mounted to the wall, depending on your preference.

The Accel Air 3 packager is fast, creating your packaging materials at 26 feet per minute (26'/min) with continuous filling. Incredibly easy to use, this air shipping machine eliminates any hassle with complicated settings and simplifies the process.

How to Use the Accel Air 3 Packager:

  1. Load the Film - Line up the dot on the film core to the dot on the feed roller and press the roll in to lock it in place. The film should be hanging over the top.
  2. Wind the Film - Wind the film behind the first tension bar, and in front of the second.
  3. Connect the Air - Place the hole on the corner of your film over the air tube.
  4. Start - Press start or tap the foot pedal to begin filling. Adjust the air output with the dial to your liking. To stop, press stop or tap the foot pedal again.

As you can see, the Accel Air 3 is very simple to operate. There is no special training or complicated instructions. This means that any user in your office or warehouse can quickly and efficiently produce air packaging whenever it is needed, making it more accessible than most other packaging systems on the market.

The Accel Air 3 is also compatible with our various Accel Air packaging film rolls. They allow you to make either bubble pads or air pillows. The bubble pads are often used to wrap items, as well as used for void fill. They are similar to bubble wrap but have each bubble connected by a small air hole for quick and convenient filling. Air pillows are perfect for void fill to prevent your items from moving around in the box. Both Accel air packaging films are pre-perforated for easy tearing so you can create the ideal size of padding you need for your individual packaging requirements. All of our protective packaging film is made of 100% recyclable HDPE 2 material that is strong enough to resist puncture, ensuring your merchandise is protected properly while still being ecologically friendly.


Item # 04ACCELAIR3
Manufacturer Spiral
Manufacturer Part Number 04ACCELAIR3
Brand Name Accel
Compatible Supplies & Accessories Accel Air Cushion Packaging Film (Pad Air Tubes & Single Air Pillows)
Speed 26' / Minute
Certifications FDA Approved for use in the Food Processing Industry
Dimensions 18" x 8 ½" x 8 ½" (455 x 215 x 215 mm)
Power Voltage 110V 60Hz
Shipping Weight (lbs) 8


AccelAir 3 Air Packaging Machine


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