AIE I-Bar Sealers Replacement Parts

AIE I-Bar Sealers Replacement Parts
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AIE I-Bar Sealers Replacement Parts

Brand: AIE
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Get all of the replacement parts you need for your AIE or Crystal Vision I-Bar sealing machine. These durable sealers are great for daily use, but over time, there are wearable parts that will need replacement. The most common of those parts are the Teflon heat bars and a spring. You can find both of these components below. The Teflon strips are sold in a set based on the size of your machine; each set includes an upper and a lower strip. The spring is sold individually. Replacing these wearable parts as-needed will help extend the life of your shrink wrap sealer, perfect for heavily used machines. You can always find American International Electric OEM parts and supplies at Spiral for perfect compatibility.


Key Features:

  • All parts are compatible with both the AIE and Crystal Vision brand I-Bar machines
  • Replacement Element Kit includes two wires: one upper and one lower wire
    • Teflon wires are durable and built to last
    • Choose the kit with the matching size for your machine
  • Replacement spring includes one spring
    • Compatible with all sizes of machines


Note: Ensure your machine is completely cooled before attempting to replace any parts.


Item #05AIE-GRP
ManufacturerAIE American International Electric
Compatible withAIE & Crystal Vision I-Bar Sealers


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