Akiles WireMac-EX Electric Wire-O® Binding Machine

Akiles WireMac-EX Electric Wire-O® Binding Machine
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Akiles WireMac-EX Electric Wire-O® Binding Machine

Brand: Akiles
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The Akiles WireMac-EX electric Wire-O® binding machine offers fast, easy and professional twin loop wire binding that is perfect for medium-duty offices that want the efficiency of an all-in-one wire binder, as well as high-quality parts that are built to last, all at a cost-efficient price point. The foot-pedal activated electric punching action makes punching through up to 25 sheets* of paper easy. A manual wire closer that is activated with a handle will finish the wire and close it around your pages. You can control the depth of the hole punch to customize your book for more tear-resistance while side-margin control makes it easy to perfectly align your pages for centered holes. The front of the WireMac-EX has a wire selector to help you determine what size Wire spines you need. Fully disengageable pins give you complete control over which holes will activate when the foot pedal is pressed, which is ideal for users who need the capability of doing multiple sheet sizes without running the risk of punching partial holes on the edges. An open-ended punching throat is 14" wide, however, allows for documents up to 28" to be punching buy just flipping over your book and punching again. A unique reverse function allows for manual reverse of the motor and pins, which is a great feature to clear paper jams.

Key Features

• Electric motor allows for punching up to 25 sheets of paper at a time*
• Reverse feature to clear paper jams
• Fully disengageable punching pins
• Wire hanger on front of machine to make putting pages on the wire easier
• Foot pedal punching operations leaves both hands free to work with the documents
• Made of mostly metal construction and durable parts
• Auto-shut off safety feature if the machine overheats 


  Model  3:1 Pitch Model    2:1 Pitch Model  
  Maximum Wire-O® Binding Size    9/16" Wire-O®    1-1/4" Wire-O®  
  Fully Disengageable Pins  40 Pins Total    53 Pins Total   


* Based on 20# bond copy paper. May vary depending on what paper stock is used.
**  The WireMac-EX is built with quality parts, but is not meant to run all day and needs to "rest" after a minimum of every 3 hours of use to prevent overheating.


ManufacturerAkiles Products, Inc.
Manufacturer Part NumberWIREMACEXGRP
Compatible Supplies & Accessories3:1 Pitch Wire-O® Twin Loop Bindings
Power Voltage115 V AC
Dimensions16" W x 19" D x 16" H
Manufacturer's Warranty1 Year Limited
Binding StyleWire-O Binding
Maximum Binding Edge14" [With Open Throat]
Product Weight (lbs)55
Shipping Weight (lbs)60


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