3:1 Pitch Oval (6.5 x 5.5 mm) Die for Alpha-Doc MK4 [HTE Margin 2.75mm, 14"] 1 /Each

3:1 Pitch Oval (6.5 x 5.5 mm) Die for Alpha-Doc MK4 [HTE Margin 2.75mm, 14"] 1 /Each
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3:1 Pitch Oval (6.5 x 5.5 mm) Die for Alpha-Doc MK4 [HTE Margin 2.75mm, 14"] 1 /Each

Item #: 04ALPHAMK431O
Brand: James Burn


If you own the James Burn Alpha-Doc® MK4 automatic punching machine, then we know you hold quality finishing in the highest regards. To achieve the perfect quality punched holes for your book binding needs, your punching dies need to be incredibly sharp. With dull punch die pins, the edges of the holes could not only be rough (which can cause trouble binding/finishing the documents, as well as quality control issues that could harm your business:customer relationships), but they will also cause undue wear to the die casing itself, as well as potentially your expensive equipment investment. With dull dies, your machine has to work harder to power through pages, which can sometimes lead to expensive repairs, and even replacement.

Leave worry behind and buy new Alpha-Doc® MK4 punching dies online today. They are manufacturer-direct OEM punch binding dies that are made of the highest quality materials, including incredibly strong die tool steel that is built to last. When the punching pins begin to dull, send the dies to us for an official James Burn Express Die Sharpening service to extend their life even further.

We stock a large variety of punching patterns for the most popular document binding methods, and can even manufacture custom-made dies to meet your exact specifications. Just call 800-631-3572 or email customerservice@spiralbinding.com for a custom die quote.

Keeping several punching dies on hand is recommended for several reasons. For one, it means that when you send your primary die off for sharpening, or if it needs to be replaced, there is never any down time, which means you will never loose any business by being without the proper tools. Keeping more dies on hand also opens the door to new business, as you will never again have to tell potential customers "sorry, we can't do that" -- instead, you will be able to say, "yes, we can absolutely help you" no matter what their punch pattern needs are (remember, we can custom-make dies for your specific needs if you need a non-stocked pattern).

When you pair your premium James Burn Alpha-Doc® MK4 automatic punch machine with these OEM dies made to the highest quality standards, you are guaranteed to produce the best punched documents in the business. Don't settle for less; buy your Alpha-Doc® dies online today, or call 800-631-3572 for a custom die quote.

Alpha-Doc® Die Features & Benefits:
   • Quality Manufacturing - James Burn Alpha-Doc® dies are manufactured of the highest quality materials including hardened steel, and assembled perfectly to guarantee perfect compatibility and perfect punching
   • Disengageable Pins - All dies feature select pins that can be pulled out/disengaged, allowing for more customization of your punching pattern and to ensure there are no half-holes when doing more unique paper sizes
   • Versatile - A huge selection of stocks punch dies are available, and the option for custom dies means there are literally no limitations to what you can do
   • Fast Die Changes - Dies can be changed out quickly, often in less than 5 minutes

Stocked Alpha-Doc® Dies:
   •  Wire-O® Twin Loop Bindings
      ○ 3:1 Pitch, 4mm Round Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK431R)
      ○ 3:1 Pitch, 4mm Square Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK431S)
      ○ 2:1 Pitch, 6mm Round Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK421R)
      ○ 2:1 Pitch, 6mm Square Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK421S)

   •  Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil Bindings
      ○ 4:1 Pitch (0.248), 4.75mm Round Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK441R)
      ○ 4:1 Pitch (0.2475), 4x5mm Oval Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK42475)

   •  Plastic Binding Combs
      ○ 8x3mm Rectangular Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK4PCD)

   •  Wire-O® Twin Loop Bindings
      ○ 3-Hole (4 ½" Between Rings), 8mm Round Holes & 6mm Hole-to-Edge Margin (Item# 04ALPHAMK43H)

   • Other Binding Supplies
      ○ 2.5:1 (0.400), 6.5x5.5mm Oval Holes (Item# 04ALPHAMK4251)
      ○ 3:1, 6.5x5.5mm Oval Holes with 2.75 Height Margin (Item# 04ALPHAMK431O)


Manufacturer James Burn
Actual Machine Weight 5.46 lbs.
Shipping Length 64
Shipping Width 16
Shipping Height 13
Shipping (Web) Weight 6.66 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number ALPHADOCMK4-GRP
Compatible Equipment James Burn Alpha-Doc® MK4
Shipping Weight (lbs) 20


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