Prong Fasteners

Prong fasteners from Spiral Binding feature a bright finish and are made from heavy gauge tempered steel. They come as a two-piece set, are 8-1/2” center to center, and are constructed to fit two-hole punched paper. These are ideal for use in documents and file folders that need to be added to often. Prong fasteners are also referred to as paper fasteners and are a two-piece tool used to secure paper with two punch holes.Our prong fasteners are very popular for fastening and are often used in office settings, such as medical offices. Made of silver tempered steel, they are available in either 3” or 31/2” measurements. Made durably and constructed for strength, our prong fasteners create a secure bind and compress pages easily to ensure the best economy in filing space.Simple to use and highly efficient, prong fasteners are the ideal solution for your filing needs. Simply insert the prongs through the pre-punched holes and fold through the second piece and underneath the compressor. We offer additional spacing and capacity sizes. Call us to receive a quote today!

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  1. Prong Fasteners (Box of 50)

    • Used to secure a stack of paper with two punched holes together.
    • Color: Silver
    • Material: Tempered Steel
    • Fastener: 8 1/2" Center to Center
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Prong Fasteners, R-80 3" Capacity 8-1/2" on center 50 /Box09R80FASTE Request Quote
    Prong Fasteners, R-84 3-1/2" Capacity 8-1/2" on center 50 /Box09R84FASTE Request Quote

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