Heavy Duty Staplers

Heavy Duty Staplers are perfect for high capacity jobs. We carry several different stapler models that give you a variety of features to help with your binding and stapling needs. Whether you choose an automatic or manual stapler these heavy duty staplers are portable so no need for mounting. They are perfect to accommodate almost any work space.

Staple and bind paper, corrugated plastic, cardboard, cloth and more!

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  1. Staplex S-700-1NHL Staples & Accessories

    • For use with the S-700-1NHL Electric Stapler
    • Automatic staplers.
    • Electric foot pedal.
    • Allows for multiple stapling up to 10-1/4".
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Type DS 1/4" High Speed Staples-5000/box, 5 boxes/pack 1 /Pack05STXDSPK Request Quote
    Type LL 9/32" Long Leg Staples 5000/box, 5 boxes/pack 1 /Pack05STXLLPK Request Quote
  2. Rapid 5080E Staples & Accessories

    • Compatible Equipment: Rapid 5080e Electric Flat Clinch Stapler
    • Staple Cartridges have 5,000 staples each.
    • Footswitch can be added onto your stapler and lets you activate the process with your foot.
    • Power Adapter is used for those who need 110-125 VAC electrical instead.
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    Rapid 5080e Staple Cartridge 5000 staples/cartridge 1 /Each05RAPID5080ST Request Quote
    Power Adapter 110-125 VAC for Rapid 5080E Stapler 1 /Each05STX5080030 Request Quote
    Footswitch for Rapid 5080E Stapler 1 /Each05STX5080FP Request Quote
  3. S-620NHL Automatic Double Headed Electric Stapler 1 /Each

    • Staple through up to 40 sheets
    • Made in the USA with quality designed for commercial/ industrial stapling
    • Double heads automatically drive two staples simultaneously
    • Fully adjustable center distances between staples from 2" to 7-1/4"
  4. S-620NRD Thick Wire Automatic Double Headed Electric Stapler 1 /Each

    • Staple through shipping packages
    • Made in the USA with quality designed for shipping bags and clam-shell packages
    • Double heads automatically drive two staples simultaneously
    • Same specifications as the S-620NHL except it uses the Type RLD Thick Wire Staples
  5. Max USA EH-70F Electric Stapler 1 /Each (Discontinued)

    • Flat clinch stapling
    • Super quiet heavy duty motor
    • High-capacity staple cartridge that staples up to 5,000 times without reloading
    • Staples up to 70 sheets of 20 lb bond paper
  6. Max USA HD-3DF Flat Clinch Stapler 1 /Each

    • Clean Flat Clinch Stapling Finish
    • Ultra Light Touch Closing Action
    • Capacity: 2 to 75 Sheets (20# Bond Paper)
    • Compatible Equipment: MAX No.3 Staples (No.3-10 & No.3-1M)
  7. No.3-10 Staples for HD-3DF Stapler ( 5000/box - 5 box/ct) 5 /Carton

    • Compatible with the Max USA HD-3DF flat clinch stapler
    • 1/2" wide
    • 3/8" long legs
    • Quantity: 25,000 staple (5 box of 5,000 staples).
  8. Rapid 5080e Electric Stapler 1 /Each

    • Great for large stapling jobs from 2 to 80 sheets thick.
    • Unique 5,000 staple cassette.
    • Includes a driver blade and all wearing parts as well as staples.
    • Throat Depth: 1.12" to 2"
  9. S-620NFS Foot Pedal Activated Special Double Headed Stapler 1 /Each

    • Staple through up to 40 sheets of 20# paper
    • Designed for header cards (3.5" W and larger) stapled 3/4" or closer to the bottom of the card
    • Double heads automatically drive two staples simultaneously
    • Includes footswitch & adjustable backstop set
  10. Staplex SU-100N Ultra Heavy Capacity (110V) Elec. Stapler 1 /Each

    • Staple up to 120 Sheets* at a time (using Staplex Type HO staples)
    • Re-loads in seconds with 4 sizes of staples - 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 11/16"
    • Throat depth is adjustable to 4"
    • Made in U.S.A.
  11. Max USA BH-11F All in One Portable Electronic Stapler 1 /Each

    • Convenient to use anywhere and anytime
    • Dual Power use with Battery or Plug-in AC adapter
    • Dual direction design, place horizontally or vertically based on the location, situation, and your preference
    • Professional quality continuous stapling
  12. DeLuxe IMSHP-A25 MiniStitcher 1 /Each

    • Designed for flat stapling applications.
    • Completely portable unit.
    • Ideal for closing padded envelopes, carding and blister packs.
    • Speed: 100 Stitches / Minute [Manual Insert]
  13. Staplex S-700-1NHL Long Reach Automatic Electric Stapler 1 /Each

    • Adjustable depth to 9‑1/4"
    • Staples 2-40 sheets of 20-lb. paper or equivalent
    • Staples automatically when work is inserted
    • Ideal for large sheets, display cards, calendars, & more

13 Items

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