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Welcome to the Punching section of Spiral's Refurbished Equipment Outlet! You need a piece of quality equipment but may not be interested in paying full price. Check out our Plastic Comb Binding Refurbished Equipment inventory. Each piece of equipment in our Refurbished Program has been quality-tested and is ready for action. AND each machine comes with the same "90 Day Guarantee" that Spiral offers when selling new equipment!

Types of Refurbished Equipment: Manual, Semi-Automatic or Automatic; desktop or free-standing; Standard Punching Patterns (eg. Plastic Comb, Plastic Coil, VeloBind, Wire-O in square or round holes) and Custom Patterns

Manufacturers: James Burn International, Rhin-O-Tuff, GBC, Akiles, Ibico, and more.

We Recommend: Punching Dies, Die Sharpening Service, Pre-Punched Paper, Presentation / Binding Covers (No one has a bigger selection!)

Interested in a particular machine? Give us a call @ 800-631-3572! We can provide pictures and detailed info about each of the machines. Don't forget to check back often because our Refurbished Equipment inventory is always moving!

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  1. Refurbished EBM-S Bench Top Drill

    • 2" Drilling capacity
    • 12" x 18" Table size for extra large materials.
    • Comfortable 3-1/2" table height.
    • 90-Day Warranty


  2. 4:1 .250 Round Die Set For Rhin-O-Tuff HD7500 - Refurbished

    • 4:1 Pitch Round Hole Die
    • .250 Hole Spacing
    • .172 Hole Diameter
    • 90-Day Warranty
  3. Refurbished SRW 360 3:1 Sq. Manual Punch & Bind

    • Manual punching up to 25 sheets
    • 3:1 pitch punching pattern
    • Adjustable margin control up to 360 mm.
    • 90-Day Warranty
  4. Refurbished 2:1 Rectangle Die for Rhin-O-Tuff HD6500 HD7000

    • 2:1 Pitch Rectangular Die
    • .500 Hole Spacing
    • .125 x .250 Hole Size
    • 90-Day Warranty
  5. Refurbished 3:1 Round Die for Rhin-O-Tuff OD4012

    • OEM, manufacturer-direct
    • Easily interchangeable
    • Sheet Capacity: 28 or 31 Sheets
    • 90-Day Warranty
  6. Refurbished - Swingline 28 Sheet Commercial Electric 2-Hole Punch

    • Open punching width for any size project
    • 2 Hole Punching Pattern
    • 28 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • 90-Day Warranty
  7. Refurbished - Swingline 28 Sheet Commercial Electric 3-Hole Punch

    • Push button 3-hole electric punch makes hole punching effortless
    • Ideal for heavy use
    • 28 sheet paper punch capacity
    • 90-Day Warranty
  8. Refurbished GBC 3230 Electric 2-3 Hole Punch

    • 14" Punching Width
    • 2-3 Hole Punching Pattern
    • 24 Sheet Punching Capacity
    • 90-Day Warranty

8 Items

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