Wire-O Binding [32 Loop 3:1 Pitch, Black, 1/4"] 100 /Box

Wire-O Binding [32 Loop 3:1 Pitch, Black, 1/4"] 100 /Box
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Wire-O Binding [32 Loop 3:1 Pitch, Black, 1/4"] 100 /Box

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Brand: James Burn


These Black 3:1 Wire-O Twin-Loop Binding Spines are the most popular binding spine in offices and print shops looking for a professional and clean finish. Sometimes called twin loop wire binders, these binding spines offer a stylish metal finish in a variety of colors including black, white, silver, pewter, blue, green, red and more. Wire-O is a semi-secure binding method, meaning that the book cannot be unbound without cutting and discarding the spine itself. Books bound with Wire-O double-o wires lay flat and the sheets can flip a full 360° from front to back, making it an ideal solution for notebooks, journals, and calendars, when paired with our calendar hangers.

Wire binders are available in either a 3:1 pitch (pronounced "three to one" and with 3 holes per inch) or a 2:1 pitch (pronounced "two to one" and with 2 holes per inch) options. Depending on the capabilities of your wire binding machine, you can choose either pitch or both. 3:1 pitch wire binding options range in sizes from 1/4" up to 9/16". 2:1 pitch wire binding, however, is available in a wider variety from 1/4" up to the largest 1 ¼" size. Most 2:1 wires only come in sizes 5/8" and larger, however, we offer special smaller 2:1 pitch wires in select colors.

When you bind with wire o spines, you can create a professional, attractive, and clean book up to 280 sheets* thick. Use the capacity chart below to help determine the best size for your needs, and buy wire-o twin loop binding supplies online today.

Wire-O Binding Capacity Chart:

Simple steps to get the proper fit for wire binding.
  1. Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table
  2. Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge
  3. Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element

* Note: the capacities listed below are approximations, determined using standard 20 lb. bond copy paper; the actual sheet capacity will vary depending on the materials being bound.
** Note: The smaller 2:1 pitch wires from 1/4" up to 9/16" are a special-made wire, and are not available in all colors.

Wire DiameterPitch (Holes per Inch)Sheet Capacity*Book ThicknessLoops / SpoolWire Gauge
1/4"3:111-25 Sheets1/8"90,0000.0276 Gauge
5/16"3:126-45 Sheets3/16"60,0000.0315 Gauge
3/8"3:146-65 Sheets1/4"47,0000.0315 Gauge
7/16"3:166-80 Sheets5/16"32,0000.037 Gauge
1/2"3:181-100 Sheets3/8"26,7500.037 Gauge
9/16"3:1101-120 Sheets7/16"22,0000.0394 Gauge


ManufacturerJames Burn
Binding StyleWire-O Binding
Sheet SizeLetter Size [8 ½" W x 11" H]
Sheet CapacityVaries Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Recommended Book ThicknessVaries Depending on Size
View the Chart in the Product Description for Details
Diameter1/4" - 9/16"
Quantity100 Pieces
Wire Gauge0.0276


How to Bind Using Wire


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