Black Aluminum Chicago Screw Posts (Pack of 100)

Black Aluminum Chicago Screw Posts (Pack of 100)
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Black Aluminum Chicago Screw Posts (Pack of 100)

Brand: Spiral
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With black aluminum chicago screws, you can quickly and simply bind documents of any kind. They come in a huge selection of sizes, allowing you to bind even extra thick books up to about 5". Because they are loose screws (not attached to a spine) you can use as many or as few as you want for each document. This makes them incredibly versatile!

Made of a strong aluminum, these metal book binding posts feature two pieces: a screw and a post. These pieces are easily screwed together, and apart, making it incredibly fast and easy to edit your document as-needed, and as many times as required. The shiny black finish on these screw posts exudes excellence and professionalism. They are packaged with a pack of 100 sets, making them one of the least expensive ways to bind pages together.

SizeHead StyleCapacity*Compatible Extensions
1/8"1 Side Slotted (Flat Head) / 1 Side Hole1/8" Thick Stack1/4" & 1/2" Extensions
3/16"3/16" Thick Stack
1/4"1/4" Thick Stack
3/8"3/8" Thick Stack1/4", 1/2", 3/4", & 1" Extensions
1/2"1 Side Slotted (Flat Head) / 1 Side Smooth1/2" Thick Stack
5/8"5/8" Thick Stack
3/4"3/4" Thick Stack
7/8"7/8" Thick Stack
1"1" Thick Stack
1 ½"1 ½" Thick Stack
2"2" Thick Stack
2 ½"2 ½" Thick Stack
3"3" Thick Stack
3 ½"3 ½" Thick Stack
4"2 ½" Thick Stack
4 ½"4 ½" Thick Stack
5"5" Thick Stack

* Approximate maximum capacity; may vary depending on several factors. Slightly thinner is recommended for easier page rotation and no pinching.


Manufacturer Part Number24ALUMBK GRP
Quantity100 Sets
Capacity*Varies; Available in Many Lengths
Binding StyleScrew Posts / Chicago Screws
Post Diameter3/16"
Post LengthAvailable in Many Lengths
Head Diameter7/16"
SlottedPost: Hole (Sizes 1/8" to 3/8"), Smooth (1/2" & Larger)
Screw: Slotted for Flathead


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