JB EX610 Conveyor

JB EX610 Conveyor
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JB EX610 Conveyor

Item #: 04JBEX610CONV
Brand: James Burn
Product Name Item Number Price Qty
James Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch [with Conveyor] Item#04JBEX610+04JBEX610CONV 04JBEX610 + 04JBEX610CONV Request Quote
James Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch [with High Pile Stacker] Item#04JBEX610+04JBEX610RECP 04JBEX610 + 04JBEX610RECP Request Quote
3:1 Pitch, 6.5mm x 5.5mm Oval Die 04JBEX61031OV Request Quote
4:1 (.248 Pitch) w/5mm x 4mm Oval Holes - EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX610OVL Request Quote
9/16" Pitch, 8mm x 3mm Rectangular Hole Die 1 /Each 04JBEX610PB Request Quote
4:1 (.2475 Pitch) Oval Holes 5 x 4mm for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX6102475 Request Quote
4:1 (.250) 5 x 4 mm Oval Hole (24" / 96 holes) For EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61041OV Request Quote
3:1 Square Die with Thumb Cut 320014203 1 /Each 04JBEX61031ST Request Quote
3:1 Square Die for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61031S Request Quote
4:1 (.248) Pitch 4.75mm Round Hole Die for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX610248R Request Quote
2:1 Square Die for EX610 320014202 1 /Each 04JBEX61021S Request Quote
3:1 Round Hole Die with Thumb Cut 04JBEX61031RT Request Quote
4:1 Round Die for EX610 320014204 04JBEX61041R Request Quote
3:1 Pitch 4mm Round Hole Die for an EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61031R Request Quote
EX610 High Pile Reception Unit 04JBEX610RECP Request Quote
EX610 Exit Jogger 04JBEX610JOG Request Quote
Nail Hole Punching Kit for EX Series Punches 04JBEXNHPK Request Quote



Item# 04JBEX610CONV
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # T610


James Burn EX Series Automatic Punch Series [Official Trailer]

James Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch

James Burn EX610HP Duplex: Hard Covers / Mail Format


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