HP Agility Eco Stapling Covers 11 x 8.5, Dark Blue, Letter Size, Portrait

HP Agility Eco Stapling Covers 11 x 8.5, Dark Blue, Letter Size, Portrait
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HP Agility Eco Stapling Covers 11 x 8.5, Dark Blue, Letter Size, Portrait

Brand: HP


The HP Agility stapling covers are a fast, simple, and professional way to bind small presentations and reports for schools, businesses, and organizations. Ready in 1-2-3 and in less than 1 minute, these wrap-around covers require no punching; all you need is a stapler. Each cover holds up to about 15 sheets* (30 pages printed front and back). The medium-weight clear matte paper front cover shows your first printed page through and is completely plastic-free - a sustainable report cover solution. The back and spine are made of a sturdy 80# linen.

How to Use:

  1. Design your cover page and print your document pages.
  2. Place the sheets into the wrap-around cover and jog them straight.
  3. Staple the tabs to bind your pages into the cover.


  • All you need is a stapler
  • Professional finish
  • Clear front to display a front page
  • Cut-out tabs prevent the need the crease your cover


* Based on 20# bond copy paper. Capacity will vary depending on the paper stock used.

Coverbind's side staple wrap-around report covers are a popular choice for businesses of all kinds. Also called Agility covers, they are perfect for businesses of all kinds and sizes, including even schools, as all you need is a stapler* to bind them! Whether you need to bind reports for in-house reference, need to elevate client presentations from basic staples, or are not ready to invest in a thermal binding machine, Coverbind side-staple presentation binders make a great solution. They are wrap-around covers that include a premium 80 lb. linen textured back and spine, and a clear 7 mil matte front. The spine wraps partially onto the front for some overlap, and features two cut-outs where the staples are applied. Each cover will hold up to about 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper*, making them great for a variety of thin document requirements. They are so easy to use; just place your pre-printed sheets into the cover, tap the entire stack to jog the pages and ensure they are straight, and then staple the two cut-outs. These unique cut-outs allow you to completely open the front cover, without taking the pages along with it, offering a cleaner and more impressive and presentable finish.

How to Use Coverbind Agility Covers:

   ① Print the pages you wish to bind using any paper stock or printer of your choice. Design the first page to be visible through the front cover.
   ② Place your printed sheets into the cover and jog them straight by tapping them on a table.
   ③ Staple your covers and pages together on the cut-out tabs on the spine.

Agility Cover Benefits:

   • Cut-out tabs for staples mean you don't have to crease your cover to create an easily legible open document.
   • All you need is a stapler* to make them.
   • The front cover is clear, so you can customize your first sheet to show-through.
   • Three professional colors are available.
   • They can be custom foil stamped with your logo! Call 800-631-3572 for a custom quote today.


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Stapler capacity must be able to handle capacity being bound.


Manufacturer HP
Manufacturer Part Number 91049B
UPC Code 022447910490
Sheet Capacity* 2-15 Sheets*
Insert Size 8-1/2" W x 11" H (Letter Size, Portrait)
Front Cover 7 mil Clear Matte Paper Eco-Cover (Plastic-Free)
Back Cover 80 lb. Linen Back Cover
Color Dark Blue (More Colors Available)
Compatible Equipment Any stapler capable of handling the sheet capacity being bound, including the cover stock
Shipping Weight (lbs) 4 lbs.
Quantity 10 / Box


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