Side Staple Wrap-Around Report Covers (Price per Box)

Side Staple Wrap-Around Report Covers (Price per Box)
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Side Staple Wrap-Around Report Covers (Price per Box)

Brand: Coverbind
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*Based on 20# bond paper. Capacity will vary depending on the paper stock that is used.

Coverbind's side staple wrap-around report covers are a popular choice for businesses of all kinds. Also called Agility covers, they are perfect for businesses of all kinds and sizes, including even schools, as all you need is a stapler* to bind them! Whether you need to bind reports for in-house reference, need to elevate client presentations from basic staples, or are not ready to invest in a thermal binding machine, Coverbind side-staple presentation binders make a great solution. They are wrap-around covers that include a premium 80 lb. linen textured back and spine, and a clear 7 mil matte front. The spine wraps partially onto the front for some overlap, and features two cut-outs where the staples are applied. Each cover will hold up to about 15 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper*, making them great for a variety of thin document requirements. They are so easy to use; just place your pre-printed sheets into the cover, tap the entire stack to jog the pages and ensure they are straight, and then staple the two cut-outs. These unique cut-outs allow you to completely open the front cover, without taking the pages along with it, offering a cleaner and more impressive and presentable finish.

How to Use Coverbind Agility Covers:

   ① Print the pages you wish to bind using any paper stock or printer of your choice. Design the first page to be visible through the front cover.
   ② Place your printed sheets into the cover and jog them straight by tapping them on a table.
   ③ Staple your covers and pages together on the cut-out tabs on the spine.

Agility Cover Benefits:

   • Cut-out tabs for staples mean you don't have to crease your cover to create an easily legible open document.
   • All you need is a stapler* to make them.
   • The front cover is clear, so you can customize your first sheet to show-through.
   • Three professional colors are available.
   • They can be custom foil stamped with your logo! Call 800-631-3572 for a custom quote today.



Manufacturer Coverbind USA
Manufacturer Part Number agility
Quantity 30 / Box or 100 / Box
Compatible Equipment Any stapler capable of handling the sheet capacity being bound, including the cover stock
Approximate Sheet Capacity* 15 Sheets
Document Size 8 ½" W x 11" H [Letter Size, Portrait]
Cover Thickness 7 mil Front Cover, 80 lb. Linen Back Cover
Front Cover Clear Matte Cover is See-Through to Show 1st Page
Shipping Weight (lbs) 7.7


Coverbind Covers

Coverbind Agility Wrap Around Binding Covers


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