CB40B Automatic Plastic Coil Binding Machine 1 /Each

CB40B Automatic Plastic Coil Binding Machine 1 /Each
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CB40B Automatic Plastic Coil Binding Machine 1 /Each

Item #: 04SHMSHB400B
Brand: James Burn


The CB40B Coil Binding System is a revolution in production plastic coil binding. It will produce coil from filament and automatically bind, cut and crimp your documents. Offering production speeds of up to 1,000 documents per hour. The CB40B is an affordable investment that will bind a wide variety of applications including calendars, note pads, books, diaries and more in one pass for a truly automated in-line plastic coil forming and binding solution.

The CB40B Coil Binding System is a game changer for plastic coil binding production. Turn your plastic coil binding operation from a bottleneck to a stream line, efficient operation that increases your revenue stream.

The system has 3 operational steps that run simultaneously:

    1. The operator loads the pre-punched books into the CB-40B, the book is automatically transported to the alignment station, where the punch holes are perfectly positioned to accept coil
    2. The document is transported to the binding station where coil is formed, inserted into the document and the ends are cut and crimped.
    3. A transport arm moves the book out of the binding station onto a conveyor packaging station. The transport arm rotates 180° every other document providing for evenly stacked books.


  • Reliable and efficient operation 
  • Modern design using the latest engineering 
  • User friendly operation with touch screen controls 
  • Produces constant, high-quality products

Mandrel size Formula:

  • Document Thickness ÷ 75 X 100 = Mandrel size to use. (IE: 12mm document ÷ 75 X 100 = 16 mm mandrel)

Note: When determining what pitch, you want your machine to be made in we need to look at the size of the binding edge of work you need to run:

  • If the binding edge is in 11", 10 3/4", 10 1/2", in 1/4" increments then .2475" pitch will work well in your books.
  • If the binding edge is not in 1/4" increments like 10 7/8" or 11 1/8" then 4:1 (.250") pitch will work best for your books. 


Item # 04SHMSHB400B
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # CB40B
Binding Capacity Up to 1000 books per hour
Punching Die Required .2475 4 x 5mm Oval Hole
Coil Sizes 8mm to 30mm
Filament Gauges (mandrell diameter) 1.8 mm for 9mm to 16mm Dia. / 2 mm for 18mm to 22 Dia. / 2.5 mm for 24 to 30mm Dia.
Max Book Size 14.8" B.E. x 19.65 (380 x 500mm)
Min. Book Size 4.7" B.E. x 4.3" (120 x 110mm)
Book Thickness (binding only) Up to 7/8" (22.5mm)
Power 220V, 60Hz, Single Phase, 5000w
Air Consumption 2 CFM @ 75 PSI
Compatible Supplies Plastic Spiral Binding Coils
Dimensions 9.85' L x 3.45' W x 4.53' H (3000 x 1050 x 1380)
Shipping Dimensions 12' L x 4' W x 5.45' H (3660 x 1220 x 1660)
Shipping Weight 2425 lbs. (1,100kg)


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