1.7Mil Gloss Polyester (PET) Color-Bond Laminating Film [1" Core, 2/Bx]

1.7Mil Gloss Polyester (PET) Color-Bond Laminating Film [1" Core, 2/Bx]
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1.7Mil Gloss Polyester (PET) Color-Bond Laminating Film [1" Core, 2/Bx]

Brand: Spiral
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Color-Bond Laminate is a premium grade lamination film that has a proprietary thermal adhesive formulated for adhesion to fuser oil inks and other related digital prints.

The unique adhesives in Color-Bond Laminate creates a chemical bond to the toners and oils that are commonly found in the digital output of color copiers. It provides excellent bond even to prints right off the copier and will allow jobs to go to post press without delay. The ultra-aggressive super stick adhesive on this film is an excellent choice for use with Oce, Canon, Xerox, and most other digital production output devices. It is compatible with most toners, fuser oils and special coatings used today in the digital world.

De-lamination is a thing of the past when using Color-Bond Laminate. No more reprints, delayed jobs and unhappy customers. Color-Bond adhesives have been designed and forulated to work with most color copiers using fuser oil. To verify if your color output device uses fuser oil refer to the operation manual or check with your copier service technician.

You might hear this type of laminate refer to as Hi-Tac, Super Stick, ASAP, Ultra Grip or simply just digital laminating film because of the aggressive adhesive it uses to adhere to your documents, Color Bond compares with all these as a premium quality film and an excellent choice for your hard to laminate documents.


  • Available in Gloss finish
  • Available in polyester or OPP base films depending on finish
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • High clarity lamination
  • Water, oil, acid, and alkali resistant
  • Can be die cut.
  • Excellent alternative to PSA films
  • Easy to apply
  • Enhances overall color and appearance of graphics

Laminating Temperature Range (internal) - 210° to 230°


Film Type Color-Bond Premium Laminating Film
Thickness 1.7mil - 10mil
Roll Width 12" - 25"
Roll Length 100' - 500'
Film Finish Clear Gloss
Core Size 1" or 3"
Operating Temperature 210° to 230°


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