Coverbind Design On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)

Coverbind Design On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)
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Coverbind Design On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)

Brand: Coverbind
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With the Coverbind Design On-Demand thermal binding covers, you no longer have to wait for long lead times, or deal with the high costs of outsourcing your custom cover presentations. Instead, you can print custom thermal binding covers in-house using your regular printer or copier*, and bind them with any of the Coverbind thermal binding machines. Simply print your front cover using either your own coverstock of choice, or the included 80 lb. white matte covers, peel off the liner on the spine, and attach your front cover. The back cover is already attached to the spine, which creates a wrap-around binding cover. Now that your wrap-around cover is done, you can place your pages into the spine, and place your entire document into your Coverbind thermal binding machine. They are compatible with all Coverbind models, and will bind in as little as 1 second per document*, depending on the machine.

With these printable thermal binding covers and your own quality printer*, you can produce the highest quality soft cover bound documents for any occasion. Whether making client presentations that you want to individualize, or proposals for potential new clients that you want to impress; if you can imagine it, you can make it with Coverbind. These covers included 20 spine/back cover sets, and 20 front covers for printing. Or pair them with nearly any other cover stock* of your choice. They come in our four most popular sizes to hold various thicknesses of books, depending on the paper stock you are binding: 1/8" to hold up to about 30 sheets*, 1/14" to hold up to about 30 sheets*, 3/8" to hold up to about 90 sheets*, and 1/2" to hold up to about 120 sheets*.

Lead times, rush fees, and high labor costs are a thing of the past with these on-demand printable thermal binding covers. So what are you waiting for? Buy Coverbind Design On-Demand covers online today, and start producing high quality bound books from the comfort and convenience of your own office..

Popular Uses for Design On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers

   • Client presentations, quotes, or proposals
   • Real estate proposals, paperwork, & featured home highlights
   • Business goals, updates, and achievements
   • Monthly, quarterly, & annual reports or summaries
   • Thesis presentations
   • Anything else you can think of...the options are endless!

Coverbind On-Demand Advantages

   • Customizable - The ability to print your own covers means you can individually customize single presentations for every client.
   • Fast - The ability to print your front covers in-house without specialty equipment, means you can make 1 or hundreds of covers quickly. The incredibly fast Coverbind® equipment means binding is fast too, so you spend less money on labor.
   • No Minimum Requirements - The ability to make covers in-house and on-demand means that you don't have to deal with the higher minimum orders associated with outsourcing any more...when the need for a presentation arises, simply print and bind a fully customized solution from the comfort of your office.
   • Strongest Bind - Coverbind® covers offer the strongest bind of any thermal solution on the market with the combination of their EVA adhesive, placed (not poured) glue strips, and the integrated meshed fabric within the glue. These features work together to create a bind that is stronger and more reliable than any other thermal cover on the market.
   • Variety of Solutions - Coverbind has the largest selection of unique cover options to choose from, giving you the versatility you and your customers demand.
   • Automatic Equipment - Coverbind is the only thermal binding manufacturer that has produced a line of automatic machinery, and is the only manufacturer that can produce the amazing speeds that go along with it.

Coverbind Capacity Chart

Spine SizeSheet Capacity*Quantity / Box
1/8"15 - 30 Sheets20 / Box
1/4"30 - 60 Sheets20 / Box
3/8"60 - 90 Sheets20 / Box
1/2"90 - 120 Sheets20 / Box


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines. Printer/copier must be rated to handle cover thickness/size/material/finish of On-Demand covers to be compatible.


ManufacturerCoverbind USA
Quantity20 / Box
Compatible EquipmentCoverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine
Shipping Weight (lbs)2.6


Coverbind Thermal Binding Covers: Design on Demand

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