Coverbind Navy Hardcover On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)

Coverbind Navy Hardcover On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)
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Coverbind Navy Hardcover On-Demand Thermal Binding Covers (Price per Box)

Brand: Coverbind
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If you have ever wanted to produce high quality customized thermal binding hard cover documents in-house, then we have good news for you...with new Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand thermal binding covers, you can do just that without any specialty printing equipment. All you need to make your own hard covers is a standard printer or copier that can handle regular label stock, the On-Demand covers, your printed inner pages, and your Coverbind thermal binding machine. To make these printable thermal binding covers, just print your labels, stick them onto the front cover into the debossed guide, and then bind your pages in your Coverbind machine as you normally would.

With the ability to customize your own hard covers, you can produce the highest quality presentations and proposals for high-end clients, make yearbooks for your students without high outsourcing costs, or create premium art portfolios of your work. When you use Coverbind thermal binding covers, the opportunities are truly endless, and you can make as few as just 1 book without having to worry about outsourcing minimum fees, rush production for on-demand jobs, or high shipping costs.

How to Use Coverbind Hardcover On-Demand

   ① Design and print your front cover designs and inner pages. The cover design should be printed on the included 5 ⁷/₁₆" x 7 ¹/₄" H labels. Use any program of your choice to design your labels. Popular programs include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Microsoft Word, and more.
   ② Peel your labels and line them up on your hard cover in the debossed section. This slightly pressed-in portion of the cover helps you align your label straight, as well as adds a professional look.
   ③ Place your pages into the thermal binding cover, and bind it using the Coverbind thermal binding machine of your choice.

Popular Coverbind Thermal Binding Users & Applications

   • Schools - Yearbooks, textbooks, student publications, crafts/gifts for parents, etc.
   • Businesses - Proposals, presentations, monthly/quarterly/annual reports, etc.
   • Real Estate Agencies - Proposals, sales tools, home buyer gifts, etc.
   • Photo Studios - Photo books, gallery highlights / art collections, sales tools, etc.
   • Individuals - Photo books, photo gifts, "peace of mind" planners, etc.

Coverbind Benefits & Advantages

   • Strongest Bind - With Coverbind® hardcover you can achieve the strongest bind in the thermal binding industry. This is achievable because of 3 factors: ① they use an EVA glue to create the strongest bind, ② the glue is placed into the spine (not poured) so it stays in place when heated, and doesn't seep, ③ an embedded cotton mesh gripper within the glue grabs hole of your pages and won't let go.
   • Most Professional Finish - No other thermal binding covers look as professional or as true to traditional hardcovers as Coverbind.
   • Easy to Use - Peel-and-stick front cover labels, and easy binding make Coverbind the ideal solution for users of all skill levels.
   • Fast - Depending on the Coverbind machine you're using, books can be bound as quickly as 1 per second.
   • Personalize In-House - Hardcover On-Demand thermal binding covers, along with various other on-demand cover options from Coverbind, allow you the opportunity to customize individual presentations in-house. This means you don't have to pay high outsourcing costs, wait for long lead times, or deal with minimum order requirements. With Coverbind you can make even short-run jobs convenient, fast, and low-cost.
   • Automatic Machinery Options - Coverbind is the only manufacturer that offers automated machinery with Drop&Go technology so you can place your books in, and walk away while it binds.

Coverbind Capacity Chart

Spine SizeSheet Capacity*Quantity / Box
1/8"15 - 30 Sheets13 / Box
1/4"30 - 60 Sheets11 / Box
3/8"60 - 90 Sheets9 / Box
1/2"90 - 120 Sheets8 / Box
3/4"150 - 180 Sheets9 / Box
1"180 - 240 Sheets4 / Box


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines. Your printer must be certified to handle normal label stock to run the included labels.


ManufacturerCoverbind USA
QuantityVaries by Size
Compatible EquipmentCoverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine
Binding StyleThermal Binding
Document Size8 ½" W x 11" H [Letter Size, Portrait]
Cover Thickness1/10" Thick
Front CoverDebossed 5 ⁷/₁₆" x 7 ¹/₄" H Rectangle with 1mm Round Corners for Label [1 ³/₄" Down from Top, 1 ¹³/₃₂" from Right]


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