Coverbind Print On Demand Thermal Covers [Portrait, White Gloss Finish, 1/16", 8.5 X 11] 100 /Box

Coverbind Print On Demand Thermal Covers [Portrait, White Gloss Finish, 1/16", 8.5 X 11] 100 /Box
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Coverbind Print On Demand Thermal Covers [Portrait, White Gloss Finish, 1/16", 8.5 X 11] 100 /Box

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With Print On-Demand covers by Coverbind you can produce your own fully-customized soft cover book in-house quickly and inexpensively, without compromising quality. They are a plain white wrap-around cover that arrives to you pre-formed and ready-to-print using your own printer or copier*. This means you can print any design you need and product professional-quality perfect bound books, without worry of minimum run costs or labor-intensive punch and bind jobs. Instead, you just print your Coverbind Print On-Demand covers, place the included glue strip into the spine along with your pages, and bind it using your Coverbind thermal binding machine, like normal. Depending on your machine, you can produce these quality books as fast as 1 per second*. You can print on both sides of the front and back covers. These covers are made of an 80 lb. glossy white coverstock (210 gsm) that helps your colors and printed design pop, making it look like it was printed by a professional print shop. They are made for letter size 8 ½" wide by 11" high documents, and will sit flush with your pages, without any overhand. This clean and smooth finish makes these books look immaculate; they are sure to make a great impression on clients, bosses, vendors, staff, and more.

Stop outsourcing your custom presentations, and stop spending expensive labor costs for the more time-consuming punch and bind binding methods; buy Coverbind On-Demand printable covers online today, and pair them with your Coverbind machine for the perfect, fast and professional alternative solution.

Popular Applications

   • Softcover Elementary school yearbooks
   • Tailored client proposals, presentations, & high-value quotes
   • Real estate proposals, documents, & featured home highlights
   • Monthly, quarterly, & annual reports and summaries
   • Business goals, updates, and achievements
   • Artist portfolios & presentations
   • Thesis presentations
   • Anything else you can imagine...the options are endless!

Coverbind Benefits & Advantages

   • Large Cover Variety - Coverbind has the largest variety of covers types that you can choose from, giving you the versatility you need to meet the demands of every customer. Covers like these On-Demand covers that you can print yourself, stocked plain and blank covers, or our customized covers can help you get the exact finished piece you are looking for.
   • The Fastest & the Only Automated Machines - Coverbind is the only thermal binding company that has manufactured a line of automatic machinery for thermal book binding. It allows you to achieve incredibly speeds that are about 45x faster than traditional binding methods.
   • Strongest Bind of Any Thermal Binding Cover - EVA adhesive that is placed, not poured, into the spine creates the strongest and most even bind, producing even thick books without compromising the strength and without any possibility of glue seeping out of the cover. The addition of a hidden cotton mesh strip within the glue adds even more strength as the glue liquefies and the strip pulls your sheets in, gripping them with unheard of thermal bound strength.

Coverbind Capacity Chart

Spine SizeSheet Capacity*Quantity / Box
1/16"2 - 15 Sheets100 / Box
1/8"15 - 30 Sheets90 / Box
1/4"30 - 60 Sheets80 / Box
3/8"60 - 90 Sheets70 / Box
1/2"90 - 120 Sheets60 / Box
5/8"120 - 150 Sheets50 / Box
3/4"150 - 180 Sheets50 / Box
1"180 - 240 Sheets40 / Box
Variety Pack (Small)See above35 / Box
10 each of 1/16", 1/8"
5 each of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Variety Pack (Large)See above200 / Box
50 each of 1/16", 1/8"
35 each of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"


*May vary depending on paper stock and other factors. Not all sizes are compatible with all machines. Printer/copier must be rated to handle cover thickness/size/material/finish of On-Demand covers to be compatible.


ManufacturerCoverbind USA
QuantityVaries by Size
Compatible EquipmentCoverbind Accel Ultra & Ultra+ Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Cube Thermal Binding Machine
Coverbind Accel Flex Thermal Binding Machine


Coverbind Covers

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