CSTIDY-51F Pneumatic Grommet Press w/ Foot Pedal

CSTIDY-51F Pneumatic Grommet Press w/ Foot Pedal
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CSTIDY-51F Pneumatic Grommet Press w/ Foot Pedal

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The ClipsShop CS-TIDY-51 extended force portable pneumatic grommet attaching machine is carefully engineered for durability and performance in commercial applications. It is the strongest tabletop pneumatic grommet press on the market, requiring less air pressure as other models while still being just as easy to use; hence the name "extended force". Pair this grommet press with an air compressor operating at 60-90 PSI (4-6 bar). This pressure is about 30% less than all other models, so your machinery doesn't need to work as hard, and ensures less wear and tear. The built-in regulator on the air inlet is a flow limiter, to prevent too much air pressure entering the machine. Because of the added strength, the the frame of the CSTIDY-51 grommet press machine is made of an exceptionally strong metal. It allows for grommet setting in the full range of sizes, from #XX00 up to #12.

With the ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 you get the power and strength of an exceptional pneumatic grommet setting machine, but with the affordability and ease of use of a tabletop size unit. It is ideal for banners, tarpaulins, flags, truck covers, awnings, industrial fabrics, signs, posters and more. It features an OSHA-compliant safety guard to protect your operators. Efficient and accurate, this grommetting unit has a convenient waste collection drawer, and a convenient foot pedal or hand switch for activation.

Featuring a simple, OSHA-compliant safety guard, the CS-TIDY-51F with pneumatically controlled foot pedal can be used hands free to improve accuracy and productivity. The ClipsShop CSTIDY-51 also include a manual triggering mechanism. Powered by compressed air, no electricity is needed to operate the CS-TIDY-51F. It weighs only 23 lbs, and has a convenient slug collection drawer compatible with the innovative and proprietary self-cleaning grommet attacher setting dies exclusively for use with the CSTIDY series pneumatic grommet attaching machines.

Key Features:

  • Accurately & easily set extra large grommets and curtain eyelets and all sizes of ClipsShop self-piercing brass grommets.
  • Non-electric OSHA approved safety system.
  • Compatible with unique self-cleaning setting dies, eliminate the confetti.
  • Hold material with two hands, set grommets with foot pedal.
  • Runs with compressed air, no electricity required. Easy to operate with minimal maintenance.
  • 10 sizes of interchangeable stainless steel self-piercing dies, 3 sizes of 2-step cutting & attaching die, 6 sizes of self-cleaning grommet dies.
  • Consistent, repeatable results for quality work with reduced operator fatigue and increased productivity.
  • Built in Europe with industrial construction & quality components.


Manufacturer Part Number8680211760140
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesClipsShop Grommets [from #XX00 1/8” to #12 1-1/2"]
ClipsShop Self-Piercing Dies [from #XX00 1/8” to #12 1-1/2"]
ClipsShop Self-Cleaning Dies [from #XX00 1/8” to #12 1-1/2"]
ClipsShop Adjustable Worktable
ClipsShop Mobile Cart
GrommetSniper Alignment Tool
Large GrommetSniper Alignment Tool
EyeleD™ Red LED Positioning Pointer
4-6 Bar Air Compressor (Minimum) / PSI 60-90

CertificationsOSHA-Compliant Safety Guard
Manufacturer's Warranty1 Year Limited [Defective]
Dimensions11-1/4" x 9-3/4" x 4-3/4"
Country of ManufactureEurope
Minimum Grommet Size#XX00 [1/8"]
Maximum Grommet Size#12 [1 ½"]
Throat Depth4" [Center of Grommet]
Product Weight (lbs)21
Shipping Weight (lbs)24


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