Custom Chip Board Sheets

Custom Chip Board Sheets
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Custom Chip Board Sheets



If you have been searching for chip board sheets, but haven't been able to find the size or thickness that you need, then search no further and buy custom chip board sheets today. We can create sizes from as small as 2" on any one side, or up to as large as a master sheet, which depending on the thickness, could be up to 26" x 38". When we say as small as 2" on one side, this means you can get a chipboard that is a 2" x 2" square, or a 1" x 12" strip; as long as one of the dimensions is a least 2", we can create any cut size.

Custom chip board sheets are available in many thicknesses and almost any custom-cut size you desire. Custom chip boards are an eco-friendly solution that are made of 100% recycled materials and vary in color from gray to brown because of this recycled content. They are a popular solution for report covers, custom pads of paper, keeping packaging firm during shipment, making custom binders, and other crafts or projects including scrap booking and more. Chip board sheets can also be custom printed or embossed with your logo, school name, and more.


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