Custom Chipboard Eco-Friendly Binders

Custom Chipboard Eco-Friendly Binders
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Custom Chipboard Eco-Friendly Binders

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If your business is eco-conscious and needs presentation materials or filing supplies, consider requesting a quote for custom chipboard binders from Binding101. The chipboard is made from 100% recycled materials, creating a unique look for each individual binder that can vary from brown to gray in color, and sometimes include speckles and natural discolorations. The beauty of a custom environmentally friendly binder is partially in this uniqueness, and partially in the printing itself. We use vegetable based inks, so even the printing stays "green" for an all-around earth-friendly solution. Printing onto the natural brown material will cause some dulling of the color vibrancy, which plays well with the overall look, however, if you want more of a pop, request a "hit of white" underneath the design to create a cleaner starting canvas. The white is aligned perfectly with the design, so won't bleed out or show behind it. Another great feature of chip board personalized binders is that the boards can be made from flexible and thin, up to so rigid and thick it cannot be bent.

  • Flexible Binder - 20pt Kraft (1/2", 3/4", 1" Rings)
  • Rigid Binder - 80pt Raw Chip (Up to 1 ½")
  • Rigid Binder - 95pt Raw Chip (2" or higher)
  • The minimum order requirement for chip board binders starts at 100 pieces*, and price breaks typically come into play at 250, 500, 1000, etc. All binders are made in the USA at our production facilities that hold quality standards to the highest regard. Shipments from the USA ensure a fast shipping time and lower shipping cost than overseas shipments.

    Call our custom product experts at 800-631-3572 to discuss your individual needs and request a price quote. Consider also adding custom printed index tabs which can be made in chip board, paper, or poly and can help keep your brand image consistent across many platforms of marketing. Some of the most popular printing options are listed below. In addition to these, there are also innumerable opportunities for customization of your ring binders; give us a call at 800-631-3572 or email us at to speak to a custom product expert.

    1 Color Printing
    (Spot Color)
    1 Color Printing for Custom Chipboard Binders
    1 Color printing is one of the most popular options, as it offers the ability to customize a ring binder with your 1 color logo, contact information, and more, keeping the price low while still giving you a one-of-a-kind look. Our ink is very opaque, which allows us to print light colored ink (such as white) onto dark materials (like black). Some materials could use a little extra pop in this case, however, so can opt in for a 1 color + white underlay, which puts down 1 hit of white ink below your design so the colors of your ink are sure to pop.

    Call 800-631-3572 for a 1-Color Printed Chipboard Binder Quote
    2 Color Printing
    (Spot Color)
    2 Color Printing for Custom Eo Binders
    2 Color printing offers more versatility, so you can create a more vibrant look that will grab the attention of your clients. Whether you are printing a 2 color logo, or you just have a 1 color logo but want text written in a different color, this is a great option.

    Call 800-631-3572 for a 2-Color Printed Chipboard Binder Quote
    3 Color Printing
    (Spot Color)
    3 Color Printing for Custom Eco Binders
    3 Color printing offers even more versatility, so you can print more complicated logos. To the left you will see that yellow, light green, and dark green were printed. The brown that you see in the design is called a "reverse print" which is empty space that shows the color of the binder. You can also see that the colors touch each other, which is called "close registration".

    Call 800-631-3572 for a 3-Color Printed Chipboard Binder Quote
    4 Color Process
    (Full Color)
    4 Color Process + Full Printing for Custom Eco Binders
    4 Color process, also known as full color, is a premium solution for those who wish to print photos, graphic designs, and more onto ring binders. This is a popular choice for large corporations and brand names that will not modify their brand image to keep costs low. With a 4CP custom binder there is no limit to the number of colors, tints, or shades that can be printed.

    Call 800-631-3572 for a 4 Color Process Chipboard Binder Quote
    * The minimum quantity for custom binders is the starting minimum, and could vary depending on the specific customization needs. Flexible chipboard binder minimums start at 250 pieces. Call 800-631-3572 to discuss your individual needs and determine the minimum order requirement.


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