Custom Entrapment Binders

Custom Entrapment Binders
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Custom Entrapment Binders



Instead of spending a ton of money on a full color printed vinyl binder, buy custom entrapment binders from Binding101. We custom print premium smooth paperstock with the best equipment to create crisp and clean images with perfect color matching. Once printed, we seal these sheets underneath a thick, but perfectly clear vinyl cover, and onto a vinyl binder in your choice of color. Around the sheets you will see the color of the vinyl binder below (like a border), so choose a color that compliments your design.

To make your premium ring binders look even more expensive (without spending much), consider adding padding below the vinyl, which elevates them even further. With padding and a full color printed embedded sheet, custom entrapment binders are the perfect choice for brands and businesses who don't want to simplify their design to fit into a different kind of printing style -- they allow you to create any design with any number of colors, tints, and tones, and place them onto a ring binder for a fully customized look. We can embed and bad on as many sides as you wish, so can do just the front cover, the front cover and spine, the spine alone, or the front cover, spine, and back covers (or any other combination).

With our custom vinyl entrapment binder minimum order requirement starting at just a 50 pieces*, and with low pricing while never sacrificing quality, Binding101 is the best place to buy custom binders. We offer nearly limitless customization options. Call our custom product experts at 800-631-3572 or email us at to talk about your individual needs and to request a price quote. We have several large production facilities locations throughout the United States, so you can rest easy knowing that you are buying the best custom binders made in the USA, while also knowing that you can receive them quickly and without overseas shipping prices. We also offer custom printed index tabs and many more custom products that can help keep your brand image consistent across many platforms of marketing. No matter your specific needs, our team is trained to work directly with our production group to help get you exactly what you want, without breaking the bank.

4 Color Process
(Full Color)
4 Color Process Entrapment Binder + Full Printing for Custom Binders
The main reason customer choose entrapment binders over traditional vinyl binders, is because they are an inexpensive way to print full color designs and photos. The 4CP (or digital printing) is printed directly onto paper sheets with the highest quality equipment, creating vibrant colors and clear edges. It is great for photographs and graphic designs of all kinds. With a four color process custom embedded binder, there is no limit to the number of colors, tints, or shades that can be printed.

Call 800-631-3572 for a 4 Color Process Entrapment Binder Quote
(Available on Some or All Sides)
Padding for Custom Entrapment Binders
For en even more stand-out and premium look, consider adding padding to the binder. We will pad below your printed sheet, which makes the binder appear thicker and feel softer and "squishy" to the touch. Padding adds class and looks expensive. It gives a soft appeal that helps you binder stand out from others on the shelf. We can pad just the front cover, or can also pad the spine and back covers.

Call 800-631-3572 for a Padded Entrapment Binder Quote
* The minimum quantity for custom binders is the starting minimum, and could vary depending on the specific customization needs. Call 800-631-3572 to discuss your individual needs and determine the minimum order requirement.


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