Custom Plastic Binding Combs

Custom Plastic Binding Combs
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Custom Plastic Binding Combs



If you are ready to brand your business with the best quality binding spines, then order custom plastic binding combs at Binding101 today. We offer a selection of customization opportunities to our traditional plastic binding combs, including custom printing and custom cut-to-size pieces. With custom size combs, you can quickly and conveniently create small books with a binding edge as small as 4", or extra large books with a binding edge up to as long as 44", or anywhere in between. Our minimum order starts at just 100 pieces for most styles, and if you are in need of bulk quantities, we can quote quantity discount options to give you more bang for your buck.

For custom printed combs, we can produce either pad printed or silk screened designs that contain simple logos and text. Silk screening combs is a process of printing where a fine stencil is created in the shape of your design. The stencil is placed on the comb, and the ink is then rolled on. Pad printing uses a stamping method that uses a pad that is pressed into an ink plate, distributing ink in the shape of your design. Depending on the design complexity, comb size, and color combinations, our printing experts will make select the printing type that will produce the highest quality and clearest finished image. Both printing methods produce a crisp and sharp image that will represent your company brand in a way that you can be proud of.

At Binding101 we take pride in quality custom printed binding combs. Not only do we have specially trained production department producing these combs for our clients, but we have a quality assurance team with a special attention to detail, ensuring you receive the best binding combs. Stop buying cheaply made custom combs that are outsourced, and start representing your brand with quality printed or precisely cut binding spines made right here in the USA.

To choose what comb size you need, assemble your book, including covers and all content, and let it lay loose on your table without pressing down on the top. Measure the stack thickness and add 1/8" to that measurement. So for example, if your book is 1" thick, then a 1 ⅛" comb is recommended. If your measurement is between sizes, then choose the larger size to ensure you book has enough room so the pages turn easily. Below we have also put together a chart with approximate sheet capacities fort each size, based strictly on standard 20# bond copy paper, as well as showing you the shape of the comb and whether or not they feature locks. The larger combs with locks are needed to add extra support to the plastic to ensure pages are kept in the book.

Comb Binding Capacity Chart:

Simple steps to get the proper fit for any type of binding - Coil, Comb, or Wire.
  1. Take the book being bound and lay it flat on a table
  2. Don't compress the paper and measure the thickness of the binding edge
  3. Take the measurement and add 1/8" - that will be the size of the binding element

* Note: the capacities listed below are approximations, determined using standard 20 lb. bond copy paper; the actual sheet capacity will vary depending on the materials being bound.

Comb DiameterSheet Capacity*Comb ShapeComb LocksQuantity / Box
1/4"11 - 25 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
5/16"26 - 45 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
3/8"46 - 65 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
7/16"66 - 80 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
1/2"81 - 100 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
9/16"101 - 120 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
5/8"121 - 145 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
3/4"146 - 165 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
7/8"166 - 185 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
1"186 - 210 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
1 ⅛"211 - 235 SheetsRoundNone100 Combs
1 ¼"236 - 260 SheetsOval3 Locks100 Combs
1 ½"261 - 310 SheetsOval3 Locks100 Combs
1 ¾"311 - 360 SheetsOval3 Locks50 Combs
2"361 - 425 SheetsOval3 Locks50 Combs


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