Custom Vinyl Report Covers

Custom Vinyl Report Covers
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Custom Vinyl Report Covers

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Do you love our vinyl binding covers, but want something more special? Try customizing them instead. We can make you stunning cover sheets to help your business truly stand out from the crowd. Whether you want your business information printed on the front, a bright metallic foil stamp, or a subtle blind emboss, we can do it all with our state of the art manufacturing equipment and specialized staff. With nearly 100 years in the industry, Binding101 can help you achieve the perfect look to represent your company. We can create custom cut-out windows, special sheet sizes, and so much more.

Vinyl report covers are a premium option, featuring a textured leatherette look on a thick stock that does't look or feel like a plain paper. Instead, it has a fabric-like appeal that truly steps up your presentation game. Sturdy while remaining flexible, vinyl cover pages are available in a standard 15pt thickness or an ultra-premium 17pt. Rich colors emanate professionalism and optional punching for popular bindings mean you don't have to spend any extra time (or wear to your machine) punching them yourself.

Ready for a custom vinyl cover quote? Call us at 800-631-3572 today.

Vinyl Opportunities for Customization

We have listed the most popular personalizing factors below, so you can think about what you want from a deeper level and visualize the final piece. But keep in mind, these covers are custom-made, so if you need something special that is not discussed below, that doesn't mean we can't achieve it for you -- let us know if you want something different so we can work with our team to get you exactly what you're picturing. When you contact us for a quote, we will ask you the following questions, so consider these opportunities before you submit a quote request. You can also email us answers to these questions to

  1. Cover Weight:
      - 15pt Standard Cover
      - 17pt Extra-Thick Sedona Cover
  2. Cover Color:
      - Black
      - White
      - Navy Blue
      - Gray
      - Maroon
      - Dark Green
      - Red
  3. Cover Size: We can create nearly any size cover you need, but some popular choices include:
      - Letter Size 8 ½" x 11"
      - Half-Size 8 ½" x 5 ½"
      - Over-Size 8 ¾" x 11 ¼"
      - Oversize 9" x 11"
      - Tabloid 11" x 17"
  4. Decoration: Choose from foil stamp, blind emboss, or printing (or combination).

  5. Number of Colors (if printing): 1, 2, 3, etc.

  6. Close Registration: Yes or no. This is when the colors in your artwork touch each other.

  7. Full Bleed: Yes or no. This is when the ink runs to the edge of the sheet.

  8. Size of Artwork: Only needed if fol stamp or emboss. For example, 4" W x 2" H.

  9. Cover Corners: Choose square or rounded corners.

  10. Window: Do you want a window cut-out? What size? Rounded or square corners? Here are our standard window sizes. We can also create any custom size for an additional charge.

  11. Hole Punching:
      - Unpnched
      - Plastic coil
      - Plastic comb
      - Twin loop wire-o (3:1 or 2:1)
      - Velo


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