Dahle Vantage Clear Self-Healing Professional-Quality 5-Layer Cutting Mats

Dahle Vantage Clear Self-Healing Professional-Quality 5-Layer Cutting Mats
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Dahle Vantage Clear Self-Healing Professional-Quality 5-Layer Cutting Mats

Brand: Dahle
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These ultra-durable, premium cutting mats feature a 5-layer PVC of various thicknesses, which allows for maximum self-healing capabilities -- this is far stronger than most other cutting mats out there. The surface material protects your blades and helps keep them sharp for longer. These particular mats are clear, so you can see items below the mat; this makes them especially great for tracing, cropping photos, lightboxes, cutting, sewing, and crafting of all kinds. They feature a printed grid that has inch, metric, and angled guides to assist with perfectly placed documents and accurate cuts. These strong cutter mats are 1/8" thick and can be used on both sides. Use the top with the rulers and guides for precise trimming, and use the reverse side for free-hand work. This Dahle Vantage® brand is a professional-grade cutting mat that is extremely durable and long-lasting.


Key Features:

  • Choose from several mat sizes
  • Clear mat lets you see beneath the cutting surface
  • Ideal for cropping photos, cutting, sewing, and crafting
  • Professional-quality grid lines for perfectly accurate cuts - Inch, Metric, and Angled 45° and 60° guides
  • Mats can be used on both sides for versatility
  • Ultra-durable 5-layer PVC construction
  • Outstanding self-healing material offers a long-life
  • Protect your work surface from your blades, while also reducing wear to the blade for a longer life


California Proposition 65 Warning - This product is fabricated from recycled materials. Since the origin of these materials is unknown, this product may contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. Visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov for information.


Manufacturer Part #1068
SizeChoose from Several Sizes
ColorClear / Translucent
GridYes, Screened Grid
Grid LinesInch, Metric, 45° & 60° Angled
Material1/8" PVC
Warranty90 Day Limited Warranty
Quantity1 Cutting Mat


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