James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service

James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service
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James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service

Brand: James Burn


As a James Burn equipment owner, we know that you value the quality output that is world-renowned in these machines. As your die naturally dulls with extended use, this finished document quality is compromised and could potentially lead to client relationship risks and expensive damage to your valuable equipment. For these reasons, we consider sharpening your die as preventative maintenance, and recommend that you only use sharp dies in your machinery. Don't risk damage to your client relationships or expensive machinery by using a dull punching die; especially when sharpening your die can be such an inexpensive and simple solution.

Why Die Sharpening is Important:
   • New dies can be expensive; sharpening extends the life of your current die
   • Sharp dies produce perfect holes with smooth edges, displaying quality to your customer
   • Sharp dies reduce wear and tear to your expensive equipment, preventing costly potential repairs or replacement
   • Sharp dies will run faster in your machine

3 Day Service Guarantee:
We guarantee that any official James Burn die that you send us to sharpen will be shipped from our service facility in New York within 3 business days of receipt of the die. This guarantee applies to our die sharpening service only, and does not include other services that may be required, such as replacing parts or repairing the die in other ways. It also does not include transit/shipping time to and from our facility. The transit time to and from our location will depend on your chosen shipping carrier and shipping method speed. If for some reason we cannot meet this guarantee, we will pay for the return shipping back to your location.

How Express Die Sharpening Works:
Our express die sharpening service is performed by official James Burn technicians in New York. After speaking with one of our representatives, you will be provided with an express die sharpening service authorization number. This number needs to be noted on the outside of the shipping box before you send it. When the service techs receive your die, they will first evaluate it to ensure that sharpening is required, and to determine if any other service or replacement parts are needed. Sometimes a die cannot be sharpening because the pins are too worn down, or there are other problems with the die that cannot be determined before evaluation. We contact you after the evaluation to inform you of the results before performing any service or replacing parts. If you choose to deny the sharpening service (or other service needed, as determined by the technician) after the evaluation, then an evaluation fee will be assessed. If you choose to have us complete the service, then this fee will be waived.

At Spiral, we specialize in sharpening your binding machine dies of all kinds. We work directly with James Burn as an official dealer, and have access to their sharpening and service technicians, products, and services. These trained service techs are also able to sharpen other die brands, not just James Burn; so even if you have a different kind of punching die tool, we can evaluate it for service. But not all dies are capable of being sharpened; we recommend you contact the original manufacturer before sending to us for evaluation, to be sure sharpening is possible. Then you can call us at 800-631-3572 or email us at customerservice@spiralbinding.com with your specific needs to request a quote.


Manufacturer James Burn
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