Evolution 3 Smart Fold Cutters (Many Sizes)

Evolution 3 Smart Fold Cutters (Many Sizes)
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Evolution 3 Smart Fold Cutters (Many Sizes)

Brand: Keencut
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With the Keencut Evolution 3 Smart Fold precision cutting bar, your print and sign shop can achieve unmatched accuracy to within 0.008 of an inch on a huge variety of substrates. It create stunningly smooth cuts through vinyls and other sign materials, boards like foam core, PVC, and card boards, corrugated plastic signs, and so much more. Expand the capabilities even further by adding various cutting tool accessories, like the fabric cutting head or the creasing head tool. The heads are easily switched, making job changeover fast and efficient. The siteline strip allows for a clear view of the cutting line, so your users are always in control. Take a look at some of the stand-out features below to see why the Evolution 3 Smart Fold is making a splash in the print finishing world.

Key Features:

  • Smart Fold means that the cutter quickly and easily swings down for under-bench storage, leaving your work surface clear and eliminating the hassle of moving your large media elsewhere to work with it after cutting.
  • QuikSwap tool heads attach or detach from track in seconds. Mount single or multiple tool heads to suit your work. Graphik tool head supplied as standard.
  • Included double graphik tool head creates smooth cuts through vinyl, banner, cardboard, PVC foamboard, foam-centered board, corrugated plastic & more. Two-way cutting with two individual blade holders or arrange for progressive cutting.
  • Patent-pending lift-and-hover feature offering fast, accurate cut alignment. A clutch device within the lifting system enables the clamping bar to be easily raised then lowered so it hovers just above the material surface.
  • Sightline strip shows exactly where the cut will be made.
  • Accurate to within .008”
  • Anti-sag system holds the cutter bar level for accurate line-up and the system is calibrated in the factory for "out of the box" accuracy.
  • Single handed positioning, cutting and clamping
  • Two-way cutting with two individual blade holders or arrange for progressive cutting
  • Site line strip enables operators to see exactly where the cut line is
  • Integral polymer cutting strip for easy cutting of textiles & fragile materials.
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK
  • Keencut’s new Evolution3 Rocker tool head is a general-purpose cutting head. It has an ergonomic design which follows the natural curvature of your hand and offers maximum comfort for all-day cutting. The Rocker tool head will cut materials such as banners, cardboard and foamboard up to 10mm (3/8″) and can be used for occasional cutting of aluminum composite panels.

No matter your requirements, this best-in-class versatile precision cutter can accomplish such a wide variety of job requirements, it will settle in perfectly with your other print finishing equipment.

Please note: Cutter capacity may vary depending on the material being cut.


Manufacturer Part NumberE3SF110 E3SF160 E3SF210 E3SF260 E3SF310 E3SF360
Included Supplies & AccessoriesDouble Graphik Tool Head
100pk Graphik Utility Blades
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesSmartFold Bench (SmartFold Bench - Keencut)
Fabric Tool Head (E3T-FAB)
Creaser Tool Head (E3T-CRE)
Rocker Tool Head (E3T-ROC)
Double Graphik Tool Head (E3T-GR2)
Graphik D .017 Blades, box of 100 (CA50-032)
45mm Olfa Circular Textile Blades, 10pk (CIR45)
45mm Olfa Circular Textile Blades, 10pk (CIR45)
Medium Duty Blades for Rocker Head, box of 100 (CA50-019)
Tech D .012 Blades for Rocker Head, box of 100 (CA50-017)
Yellow ‘T’ shape silicone cord, 32’ (SILYT)
Manufacturer's Warranty5 Year Limited, excluding wearables
Country of ManufactureUK
Cutter Capacity*1/2" Thick Stack
Cutter Accuracy0.008"
Can Cut MaterialsACM (i.e. DiBond) ≤ 3mm (3/32″) Rocker tool head only, for occasional use


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