James Burn EX610 Duplex High Speed Automatic Punch [with 2 High Pile Stackers]

James Burn EX610 Duplex High Speed Automatic Punch [with 2 High Pile Stackers]
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James Burn EX610 Duplex High Speed Automatic Punch [with 2 High Pile Stackers]

Item #: 04JBEX610D+04JBEX610RECP(x2)
Brand: James Burn
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James Burn EX610 Duplex High Speed Automatic Punch [with High Pile Stacker & Conveyor]04JBEX610D+04JBEX610CONV+04JBEX610RECP Request Quote
EX610DA Punch Die - 52 Square Holes 4X4 mm Plus 1 Round Hole04JBEX610DADI Request Quote
EX610 Double Action Die 3:1 x 4mm Square + Nail Hole 1 /Each04JBEX610DA31 Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 4mm x 4:1 w/ 96 Round Holes04JBEX610CST3 Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 5.8mm x 2.5:1 with 60 Round Holes04JBEX610CST2 Request Quote
4:1 Round Die for EX610 32001420404JBEX61041R Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die 375 Pitch 64 Holes 1/4" (6.35mm)04JBEX610375R Request Quote
3:1 Round Hole Die with Thumb Cut04JBEX61031RT Request Quote
3:1 Pitch, 6.5mm x 5.5mm Oval Die04JBEX61031OV Request Quote
2.5:1 Oval Die w/6.5 x 5.5mm Holes (Discontinued)04JBEX610251O Request Quote
2:1 Pitch 6mm Round Hole Die04JBEX61021R Request Quote
13.3" Length Maxi 4:1 (.2475) Oval Hole Die for EX610 - (Discontinued)04JBEX6101341O Request Quote
13.3" Length Maxi - 3:1 (4mm) Thumbcut Sq. Hole Die EX610 - (Discontinued)04JBEX6101331T Request Quote
13.3" Length Maxi - 3:1 (4mm) Square Hole Die for EX610 - (Discontinued)04JBEX6101331S Request Quote
13.3" Length Maxi - 2:1 (6mm) Square Hole Die for EX610 - (Discontinued)04JBEX6101321S Request Quote
3:1 Pitch 4mm Round Hole Die for an EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61031R Request Quote
4:1 (.250) 5 x 4 mm Oval Hole (24" / 96 holes) For EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61041OV Request Quote
4:1 (.248) Pitch 4.75mm Round Hole Die for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX610248R Request Quote
3:1 Square Die for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61031S Request Quote
EX610 High Pile Reception Unit04JBEX610RECP Request Quote
JB EX610 Conveyor04JBEX610CONV Request Quote
4:1 (.2475 Pitch) Oval Holes 5 x 4mm for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX6102475 Request Quote
EX610 Exit Jogger04JBEX610JOG Request Quote
2:1 Square Die for EX610 320014202 1 /Each04JBEX61021S Request Quote
9/16" Pitch, 8mm x 3mm Rectangular Hole Die 1 /Each04JBEX610PB Request Quote
Nail Hole Punching Kit for EX Series Punches04JBEXNHPK Request Quote
4:1 (.248 Pitch) w/5mm x 4mm Oval Holes - EX610 1 /Each04JBEX610OVL Request Quote
3:1 Square Die with Thumb Cut 320014203 1 /Each04JBEX61031ST Request Quote


With the James Burn EX610D "Duplex" automatic binding punch, you can punch both mixed stock sheets and cardboards up to 2.5 mm thick, without having to run them separately. It comes with two exit reception options: either a pair of pile high stackers, or one high pile stacker and one conveyor. The pile high stacker will collect the chipboard sheets, while the other stacker or conveyor collects your standard punched paper. The main difference inside the machine is that the chipboard does not go around the turnover device and must exit through the stacker. The pile high stackers have rolling castors, so they are easily moved to the binding station of your choice (consider the BB50H wire binder or the CB30QS automatic coil inserter). The conveyor creates a shingled stack for easy grabbing and binding of sets.

With the James Burn EX610 Duplex punch, you will increase your production speed to unheard of variable running speeds up to 125,000 sheets per hour*. The speed is adjusted with a hand crank for micro adjustment capabilities, and cycle speeds from 30 to 120 cycles per minute*. This allows for unique customization that can be tailored to both your individual operator, as well as the specific job requirements. A unique air assist beak sheet grabber helps separate the pages as it grabs them, making it easy to work with even statically-charged pages.

The EX610 Duplex is an ideal machine for large print shops and binderies that require high speed, quick changeovers between jobs, little manpower, and perfectly punched pages to impress clients of all sizes and kinds; including those that purchase calendars. It will help these users achieve unheard of production levels with minimal training for the operator.

The EX610 Duplex is rated for continued use, meaning there is no down time required for a full workday. The unique feed table holds up to a 18" thick stack of paper, and the movable trays allow you to set up one full stack to be punched, and, as it runs, another stack to be setup to take its place as soon as it is complete. The paper stock travels through the machine automatically, being pulled by the most advanced technology in the industry and jogged for perfect punch registration with a unique 4-sided inner jogger. Two different picking beaks are included with your machine, including the standard beak and the separator beak for thicker and more unique stocks. If you want the speed and volume allowance of the EX610D, but don't need the board punching and double-exit, then consider the standard EX610 machine, or the EX610DA double-action punch as alternatives.

EX610DA Punching Dies Available:

Click here to shop the variety of EX610DA punching dies available. or ask about custom-manufactured dies for more unique punching patterns.
   • Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
   • Wire-O® Twin-Loop Wire Bindings
   • Plastic Comb
   • Velo Binding
   • Three-Hole for Ring Binders
   • Custom dies made to your exact specifications
   • All dies can be sharpened with our Express Die Sharpening Service

EX610DA Optional Accessories:

   • Tab Pushing Device - Allows for punching of index tab dividers with a tab shoulder of 1/4"** (Item# 04JBEX610TABP)
   • Nail Hole Punch Kit - Allows the machine to punch a nail hole for wall hanging calendars (Item# 04JBEXNHPK)
   • Bottom Feed Board Unit - Assists punching of cardboard sheets (Item# 04JBEX610BF)

EX610DA Benefits and Features:

   • Hands-free operation allows you to load the paper, setup the job, press start, and walk away
   • Adjustable cycle speeds with crank wheel, up to 8,400 cycles per hour*
   • Punching speeds up to 125,000 sheets per hour* with perfectly clean holes for finishing
   • There is minimal training required for your operators
   • Punches a wide variety of paper stocks, covers, and tabbed sheets from 4 ¼" x 3 ⅞" up to 24" x 20 ¾"
   • Picking thickness allows for sheets up to 2.5mm thick for various paper stocks and card boards
   • Turnover drum keeps stacks of paper stock perfectly collated
   • Positive sheet pickup with beak and air-assist (air compressor not included) ensures perfect registration of your pages for perfectly finished punched pages, even paper stocks prone to static
   • All operations and adjustments are simple and quick-to-perform, including die changes


*May vary depending on sheet size, paper stock, operator, and other factors.
**Tabs cannot be run while in double action mode


Item #04JBEX610D-GRP
ManufacturerJames Burn
Suggested UserIndustrial
Operation: PunchingElectric
Compatible Supplies & AccessoriesEX610 Series Punching Dies
EX610 Series Tab Pusher (Item# 04JBEX610TABP)
EX610 Series Nail Hole Punching Kit (Item# 04JBEXNHPK)
EX610 Series Bottom Feed Board Unit (Item# 04JBEX610BF)
Power Voltage220/380v Three Phase 60 Hz (20A) 3Kw
Dimensions110" W x 40" D x 54" H
Setup Time15-20 Minutes, Depending on Operator
Die Change TimeLess than 2 Minutes
Paper Size4 ¼" x 3 ⅞" up to 24" x 20 ¾"
Accepted Paper TypeNo Stock Limitations
Feed Table Capacity18" Thick Stack
Selectable SpeedsAdjustable with Hand Wheel (30 Cycles / Min to 120 Cycles / Min)
Speed*Up to 125,000 Sheets per Hour
Sheet PickupTop of Pile Positive Sheet Pickup
Maximum Punching Thickness2.5 mm
Pick ThicknessUp to 2.5 mm
Air Compressor Requirements2 CFM at 40 PSI
Control PanelNo Control Panel
Jogger4-Sided Jogger
Die Sharpening AvailableYes, Express Die Sharpening Service is Available
Disengageable Die PinsYes (For Common Paper Sizes, Varies by Die)
Die / Tool StorageNo Die Storage On-Unit
Hands-Free OperationYes
Monthly Volume / Duty RatingContinuous Use (Monthly Volume Dependent on Operator and Shifts)
Special Training RequiredMinimal Training Required
Product Weight (lbs)3155
Shipping Weight (lbs)3479
Shipping InformationThis item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


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