Punching Dies for James Burn EX610 Automatic Punch

Punching Dies for James Burn EX610 Automatic Punch
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Punching Dies for James Burn EX610 Automatic Punch

Brand: James Burn
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Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
3:1 Square Die for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61031S Request Quote
3:1 Square Die with Thumb Cut 320014203 1 /Each04JBEX61031ST Request Quote
2:1 Square Die for EX610 320014202 1 /Each04JBEX61021S Request Quote
4:1 (.248) Pitch 4.75mm Round Hole Die for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX610248R Request Quote
4:1 (.2475 Pitch) Oval Holes 5 x 4mm for EX610 1 /Each04JBEX6102475 Request Quote
4:1 (.248 Pitch) w/5mm x 4mm Oval Holes - EX610 1 /Each04JBEX610OVL Request Quote
4:1 (.250) 5 x 4 mm Oval Hole (24" / 96 holes) For EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61041OV Request Quote
9/16" Pitch, 8mm x 3mm Rectangular Hole Die 1 /Each04JBEX610PB Request Quote
2:1 Pitch 6mm Round Hole Die04JBEX61021R Request Quote
2.5:1 Oval Die w/6.5 x 5.5mm Holes04JBEX610251O Request Quote
3:1 Pitch, 6.5mm x 5.5mm Oval Die04JBEX61031OV Request Quote
3:1 Round Hole Die with Thumb Cut04JBEX61031RT Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die 375 Pitch 64 Holes 1/4" (6.35mm)04JBEX610375R Request Quote
4:1 Round Die for EX610 32001420404JBEX61041R Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 5.8mm x 2.5:1 with 60 Round Holes04JBEX610CST2 Request Quote
3:1 Pitch 4mm Round Hole Die for an EX610 1 /Each04JBEX61031R Request Quote
EX610DA Punch Die - 52 Square Holes 4X4 mm Plus 1 Round Hole04JBEX610DADI Request Quote
EX610 Double Action Die 3:1 x 4mm Square + Nail Hole 1 /Each04JBEX610DA31 Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 4mm x 4:1 w/ 96 Round Holes04JBEX610CST3 Request Quote


If you have the James Burn EX610 automatic punching machine, then we know how much you value quality and longevity in both the manufacting itself, as well as the finished results. With these manufacturer-direct OEM EX610 punching dies, you are assured just that. These dies punch up to 24" long documents, and can be paired with any of the EX610 models, including the standard EX610 punch, the EX610DA double-action punch, or the EX610 duplex punch. They are manufactured using the highest quality tempered tool steel, and feature pins that are easily removed for punching different hole patterns. Every EX610 punch die features guide posts that hold it firmly in-place when installed, producing perfect hole-to-edge registration for every sheet that passes through. This also allows for fast access to the punching pins, while flanged holes clear out paper waste and extend the life of the pins. James Burn die-changing is always quick and easy, and can be performed in less than 2 minutes minutes by most users.

Whether you are looking to invest in new punching patterns to expand your custom base and allow for more opportunity, or you are replacing an older die, you can buy EX610 dies online at Spiral for great pricing. We recommend that you keep at least one spare die on-hand at all times; that way if you have to send your main die out for sharpening, or it needs to be replaced, you won't have any down time while you wait.

Looking for a punch pattern you don't see here? Call us at 800-631-3572 or email customerservice@spiralbinding.com for a quote on a custom manufactured EX610 die -- we can make them to meet your exact specifications, so you can meet the needs of even specialty clients with unique needs. If you are not ready to buy an EX610 die online, and would rather have your existing die sharpened, check out our express die sharpening page to learn about how we can extend the life of your dies and sharpen them multiple times before they wear out.

EX610 Punching Dies Available:

   • Spiral Binding / Plastic Coil
   • Wire-O® Twin-Loop Wire Bindings
   • Plastic Comb


ManufacturerJames Burn
Manufacturer Part NumberEX610DIES-GRP
Suggested UserIndustrial
Quantity1 Die
Compatible EquipmentJames Burn EX610 High Speed Automatic Punch
James Burn EX610DA Double Action High Speed Automatic Punch
James Burn EX610 Duplex High Speed Automatic Punch
Die Sharpening AvailableYes, Express Die Sharpening Service is Available
Product Weight (lbs)22
Shipping Weight (lbs)30


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