Drill Bits & Punch Pads for FP-1B Paper Drill

Drill Bits & Punch Pads for FP-1B Paper Drill
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Drill Bits & Punch Pads for FP-1B Paper Drill

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Product Name Item Number Price Qty
Plastic Punching Discs for FP-1B Punch (3 per pack) 3 /Pack 05GGFPP1PD Request Quote
1/8" Replacement Bit for FP-1B Punch 1 /Each 05GGFPP18 Request Quote
3/16" Replacement Bit for FP-1B Punch 1 /Each 05GGFPP316 Request Quote
1/4" Replacement Bit for FP-1B Punch 1 /Each 05GGFPP14 Request Quote
5/16" Replacement Bit for FP-1B Punch 1 /Each 05GGFPP516 Request Quote


How to Change the Drill Bit

Whether taking the drill bit out to empty it completely of chads, or to replace a dull bit, or to simply the hole size, you can follow these steps. Please keep in mind that drill bits are incredibly sharp, so great care should be taken when handling. The steps are the same whether you are using a 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", or 5/16" bit size. Drill bits are sold individually as "each".

  1. Remove the Installed Bit - Use the included allen wrench to loosen the installed drill bit from the front. Make sure your fingers are not below the bit, and grab the bit from the shaft so it does not drop. It will slide out easily once loosened. Lift it up through the clamp, and store properly.
  2. Install the New Bit - Just repeat the uninstall steps backwards. Place the bit, sharp end down, through the clamp and lift up into the slot. Once it stops, use the allen wrench to tighten the bit into place. Make sure the bit is installed securely.

How to Change the Punch Pad

Changing out the punch pad should be done as often as necessary as it wears out. It will naturally get dents and cuts in it from the drill bit hitting it each time you drill. Punch pads (sometimes called plastic drill blocks) are sold in a pack of 3, and are very affordable. We reocmmend keeping extras on-hand to quickly replace on-demand, as-needed.

  1. Remove the Installed Punch Pad - Make sure the drill bit is either removed, or installed tightly. With your hand on the punch pad, turn the machine over and allow it to fall out.
  2. Install the New Punch Pad - Just place the new pad into the hole with the peg-side down.

* Always be careful when handling drill bits; they are very sharp. The manufacturer specifies maximum capacity is 1" thick, however, this vary depending on paper stock, book thickness, operator ability, and other factors.


Item # 05GGFPP-GRP
Manufacturer SPC, Co. Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number FP P
Compatible Equipment FP-1B Paper Drill Hole Punch
Capacity: Paper Drills 1"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1


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