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Maintaing and carring for your shredder is extremely vital for the longevity of your machine. Spiral Binding has the accessories you need to make the job easy. We have shredder bags to help eliminate waste and mess. We even carry Destroyit Shredders bags for your MBM model. To keep your shredding wheels oiled we have a specially blended, high cling, non-detergent 8 pint Shredder oil.

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  1. MBM® Destroyit® Shredder Bags (Price per Box)

    • Adding a convenient way to clean up shredder waste, potentially eliminating spilled shred particles.
    • With a shredder bad, however, you can tie the bag shut and eliminate that hassle.
    • Compatible with several Destroyit shredders including personal, deskside, office models and more.
    • Packaged with 100 or 200 pieces per box.
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