FP1XLS Paper Drill - 1/4" Round Hole w/ Moving Table 1 /Each

FP1XLS Paper Drill - 1/4" Round Hole w/ Moving Table 1 /Each
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FP1XLS Paper Drill - 1/4" Round Hole w/ Moving Table 1 /Each

Item #: 04FP1XLS
Brand: SPC Company


If you've been looking for a paper drill to punch through thick stacks of paper and plastic materials, such as laminate, but you don't want to invest in one of the large super heavy duty machines retailing over $600, then the FP-1XLS by General Graphic is perfect for you! Also called the Filepecker I(X) LS, this premium paper punch drill punches a single hole through stacks of paper up to 1" thick, which is equal to approximately 300 sheets of paper, depending on the stock. The table that your stack of pages sites on glides from side to side and has paper stops to allow for easy punching of one, two, three, or four holes. Just set the paper stops to the spacing you want to achieve, punch the first hole by pulling down the handle, slide the table to the stop to punch the next hole, and so on. The wide table allows for a stack of paper up to 14" wide, without worry about pages falling off the ends.

Even though the FP-1XLS is fully manual (requiring no electricity), pulling the handle requires very little effort to to integrated technology within the paper drill. It is perfect for schools of all teaching levels and grades, businesses of many kinds, medical offices and hospitals, smaller print and copy shops, churches, and many other organizations.

Included for free with your purchase from Spiral are two 1/4" paper drill bits, one of which is installed into the machine and ready-to-use, and one that is loose for you to keep on-hand. We also include two punch pad discs with your purchase, one of which is also installed.

How to Use FP-1XLS Paper Drill Hole Punch

   ①  Set your paper stops using the guide and screws (using a flat head screwdriver) on the front of the table to determine where the holes will punch.
   ② Place your stack of paper on the table, press the self-centering guides around the stack, and lower the drill guide to be level with the stack.
   ③ Lift the silver handle on the left and move the sliding table all the way to the right (aligning the paper drill to the left side of your sheet). This disengages the stop so you can slide the table over them. Then release the handle and slide the table right until it hits the first stop.
   ④  Pull the drill handle to punch the hole.
   ⑤  Lift the silver handle on the left again and slide the table left until you get over the 1st stop, then release the handle. Continue sliding the table until you hit the 2nd stop. Repeat this step for all holes.

Key Features of the FP-1XLS Paper Drill Hole Punch

   • Mobile table glides easily from left to right when you lift the silver handle on the left
   • Affordable price makes it attainable for smaller offices and schools with tight budgets, but that handle a lot of paper punching
   • Four popular drill bits / hole sizes are available, allowing versatility in hole size (1/4", 3/16", 3/8", 5/16")
   • 4 paper stops are included, so you can punch one, two, three, or four holes on a single stack
   • Simple operation requires no special training
   • Requires no electricity
   • Adjustable hole set depth lets you punch the holes up to 3/8" away from the edge
   • Requires no electricity
   • Requires no electricity
   • Waste bin easy to empty and includes storage for included allen wrench

*Capacity may vary depending on paper stock and material being punched.


Item # 04FP1XLS
Manufacturer SPC, Co. Ltd
Manufacturer Part Number PUNEFP1XLS
Operation Manual
Included Supplies & Accessories Two Punch Pads (1 Installed)
Two 1/4" Drill Bits (1 Installed)
One 3mm Allen Wrench
Compatible Supplies & Accessories FP-1XLS Drill Bits & Accessories
Dimensions 17 ¾" W x 12 ½" D x 8 ¼" H
Base Footprint 17 ¾" W x 12 ½" D
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited [Excluding Wearables]
Number of Drill Holes 1 [Single Spindle]
Capacity: Paper Drills 1"
Distance Between Holes 1/4" to 12"
Adjustable Backgauge Yes
Hole Set Depth 0" to 1 ¼"
Table Size 14 ¾" W x 9 ¼" D
Table Height 1 ⅝"
Mobile Table Yes, Sliding Table
Product Weight (lbs) 13
Shipping Weight (lbs) 15
Shipping Information Box Dimensions: 19" x 15" x 10"


FP 1-XLS Paper Hole Drill with Moving Table


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