ALM 3230 Laminator 1 /Each

ALM 3230 Laminator 1 /Each
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ALM 3230 Laminator 1 /Each

Item #: 04DLALM3230
Brand: Fujipla


The Fujipla ALM3230 Automatic Laminator & Trimmer offers labor free automation with feeding, laminating, and trimming at the touch of a button! Eliminate the time-consuming and costly hand feeding and trimming typical to a traditional roll feed laminator with the new value-priced ALM3230 lamination system!


  • Heated rollers for crystal clear scratch-free lamination
  • Adjustable trim for full encapsulation or precise flush cut
  • Sits on a tabletop or optional stand
  • Green Button Operation: Virtually unattended operation, touch the button and walk away for labor-free, fully trimmed and laminated sheets
  • "ASAP" adhesive laminating films in 1.5, 3, and 5 mil, gloss, matte, and Elegant Silk Matte adheres to hard-to-laminate digitally printed sheets
  • Trimming Methods (2 modes) Flush trim or edge seal for all 4 sides of the print
  • Operation Panel LCD display for start, stop, temperature, and trim settings, leading and trailing edge side cuts are adjustable
  • Laminated sheet counter for job contol
  • Film tension control for smooth wrinkle free lamination
  • Roller gap lever and paper thickness feeder adjustment lever for smooth paper feeding
  • Laminating Speed - Fixed speed at 40"/min.
  • Temperature Range 170-270°F
  • Ultra Fast Warm-Up Time Approximately 5 minutes
  • Paper Thickness - 20lb bond to 100lb cover
  • Paper Feeding Capacity: up to 100 Sheets,
  • Adjustable Paper Guide for Digital Sheets sizes: 13"x19", 12"x18", 11"x17", 11" x 8.5" *
  • Small Foot Print – less than 4 sq. ft.
  • Table Top or optional stand with locking roller casters
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 180 Day Manufacturer's Warranty (Extended Warranties Available)

*Note: These are the only sheet sizes that are supported, The side trimmers will only cut 11", 11-1/4", 12" & 12-1/4" width sheet sizes.

Optional Accessories: Rolling Stand (48.5 Lbs.)

ALM Exclusive ASAP Roll Film available in the following options:

  • 1.5 mil, 12.6” x 984 ft, Gloss
  • 1.5 mil, 12.6” x 984 ft, Matte
  • 3 mil, 12.6” x 492 ft, Gloss
  • 3 mil, 12.6” x 492 ft, Matte
  • 5 mil, 12.6” x 328 ft, Gloss
  • 5 mil, 12.6” x 328 ft, Matte
  • 1.2mil, 12.6” x 984 ft, Nylon (Gloss & Matte)
  • 1.2 mil, 12.6” x 984' Elegant Silk Matte
  • 3.0 mil, 12.6” x 492' Elegant Silk Matte
  • 5.0 mil, 12.6” x 328' Elegant Silk Matte

Using ALM Systems for single side lamination

One of the increasingly popular film applications is to use a soft touch laminate like the ALM Elegant Silk Matte film for single sided lamination projects. The key to this application is to use the ALM 1.2 mil Elegant Silk Matte and using a liner film on the underside of the product you are laminating. Because the 1.2 mil Elegant Silk Matte film is a PET based film, there are some important keys to successfully running it in single sided applications.

  • Use none to very little tension on the ESM and under film. Apply only enough tension to keep film from wrinkling.
  • Remove idler roller from bottom to reduce tension of under film.
  • Run liner film on the bottom and the ESM laminate on the top
  • Paper being used for single side laminatation should be no less than 80 lb. cover weight stock, the heavier the stock the better.

Since the ALM does not have de curling devices the above steps will provide a nearly flat sheet for most perfect bound cover weight sheets and card stock that is used for business or post cards.

Note: These same techniques should also be used when running the single sided nylon film as well.


Item #04DLALM3230
Manufacturer Part Number04DLALM3230
SpeedFixed speed at 40” per minute
Paper weights20lb Bond - 100lb cover
Feeding Capacity100 sheets of 20 lb. bond
Temperature Settings210 - 270 F.
Applicable Sheet Sizes Supported*11” x 17” 12” x 18” and 13” x 20”
Types of LaminatingAutomatic two side lamination Single side lamination
StandRolling stand optional
Types of FinishingAutomatic flush or sealed edge trimming
Warranty180 Day Manufacturer's Warranty (Extended Warranties Available)
Weight100 lbs. (45 kg)
Power Consumption900 W
Power Requirements120V, 60 Hz


Fujipla ALM3230 Automatic Laminator & Trimmer


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