Galvanized Stitching Wire (Price per Case)

Galvanized Stitching Wire (Price per Case)
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Galvanized Stitching Wire (Price per Case)

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Galvanized stitching wire is used in traditional saddle stitching machines to create a spine-staple bind that you can find on magazines, catalogs, pamphlets, and more. It is a popular, economical, fast, and easy solution for book binding when you are only binding a few sheets together and need the look of spine-stapled media.

Saddle stitching is not the same as stapling. Staples are individual pre-cut and pre-shaped pieces of wire that are pressed into pages individually. Stitch binding, however, comes on a continuous spool of wire that is "stitched" into the pages, often times allowing for more customization of the stitch size, depending on your machine capabilities. The word "saddle" refers to the fact that the wire is stitched into the pre-folded spine of a book that is draped over a "saddle" on your machine.

Depending on what kind of wire your saddle stitcher will accept, you can buy galvanized stitching wire online in either 24 gauge round, 25 gauge round, or 20 x 24 flat wire options. The most popular option is the 25 gauge, as it is the "standard" for most machines. Our galvanized stitching wire is made in the USA of the highest quality wire that is also CPSIA lead complaint to ensure operator and client safety.

Use our galvanized book spine stitching wire to make product manuals for machines, training guides for staff, magazines and catalog for clients (with envelopes and order forms attached to the inside), unique mailers, and so much more. With a strong spine fold, your media will lay flat for easy reading. The stitches are small and will not obstruct your covers or inserts at all, giving your designs complete control of the look.


Manufacturer Part NumberSTITCHWIREGAL GRP
Country of ManufactureUnited States
CertificationsCPSIA Compliant
Quantity1 Case
Compatible EquipmentSelect Stitching Machines
Binding StyleSaddle Stitching
Staples / Stitching WireStitching Wire
Shipping Weight (lbs)54


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