GOframe 1500 PRO Accessories & Supplies

GOframe 1500 PRO Accessories & Supplies
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GOframe 1500 PRO Accessories & Supplies

Brand: GoFrame
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Easily stretch your print or gallery wrap canvas with GOframe 1500 PRO canvas stretcher frames. These unique canvas making kits are available in sizes from 8 inches to 60 inches long and can be cut and reassembled to unique sizes, including lengths beyond 60 inches. They offer a 1.5-inch depth from your wall for a dimensional finish. Just pair the supplies and accessories below with your preferred size of GOframe 1500 Pro bars to start making beautiful, professional-quality canvases today.


Supply Starter Kit

This starter kit includes some of the required supplies to get started making GOframe 1500 PRO gallery wraps, such as the reusable positioning corners, a corner trimmer with blades, and fasteners.

Kit Includes:

  • Positioning Corners (4 Pack)
  • Corner Trimmer with Blades
  • Fasteners

Positioning Corners (4 Pack)

This 4-pack of corner positioning corners (also called corner clamps) is used to hold your frames in-place as you assemble them, ensuring perfectly spaced and sealed edges. They easily pop on-and-off your frames so you can reuse them over and over again. Opening in the corner makes it easy to center the stretcher assembly to the canvas if you are not wrapping the image around the sides.


Note: The color of these corners may vary.

Corner Trimmer with Blades

This corner trimmer was specifically designed for GOframe 1500 gallery wraps. It is small and compact, while comfortable to hold, and allows for precision trimming of the corner edges of your canvases to allow for a clean folded corner. Too much material on the corner makes them bulky and messy, so this corner trimmer is an essential tool for that professional finish. It includes the cutter itself as well as a pack of replacement blades.

Canvas Glue (4 Pack)

This specialty glue was manufactured specifically for GOframe canvas wraps. It is an archival-safe and pH neutral adhesive that won't degrade your canvas, even over time. The strong, permanent bind holds traditional canvas materials to the wooden frame with premier integrity.

4oz. Bottles


U-shaped fasteners are used on the corners of your GOframe 1500 to hold the pieces together.

Pro Joiner Bars (8 Pack)

Use the pro joiner to create custom sizes. Match the stretcher frame to the image and not the other way around. Create wraps larger than 60".

Center Braces (12 Pack)

Choose the size from 16" to 40"  to match your frame.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gloves eliminate fingerprints without leaving lint. White cotton inspector’s gloves are made from smooth, lightweight, durable, and washable 100% cotton. Protect sensitive materials including film, photos, canvas, and more.

Interchangeable from left to right.

One size fits most.

Nylon Gloves

Polygenex™ nylon gloves are thinner than most cotton gloves so you have more dexterity. Some users prefer nylon over cotton when making and handling photo products. 

Interchangeable from left to right.

One size fits most.

How to Use GOframe 1500 PRO Canvas Wraps:

These unique canvas frame kits let you create gallery wrapped canvas on-demand in small or large runs quickly and easily. Simple assembly is required. Click here to watch the assembly video or follow these directions.

  1. Prepare your workspace. Make sure your table is clean and free of dust and wear photo gloves, if possible. Make sure you have everything you need, including 4 bars, 4 corner clamps, glue, staples/fasteners, a handheld trimmer, and your print. Your print should be at least 2" larger than your frame on each side (left, right, top, and bottom). For example, if you're making an 8" x 8" frame, your print should be at least 12" x 12" to allow for proper wrapping.
  2. Peel off the liners from the bars.
  3. With the adhesive facing up, attach the bars to the corners, creating your frame.
  4. Place your print face down on your work surface, and center your frame over the print with the adhesive facing down. Once centered to your liking, press the frame down so the adhesive sticks to your print.
  5. While holding the bars down, remove the corner holders.
  6. Using your trimmer, create a 45° angle cut on all 4 corners (not flush to the bars), and then trim your print edges flush to the bars.
  7. Create a perpendicular cut to each of the corners (from the center, out), and fold the cut pieces over the bar.
  8. Beginning about 1" in from the corners, apply a line of glue along each edge of your print beside the bars.
  9. Two sides at a time, fold the bars up so the corners touch and secure them in place with fasteners.
  10. Snap-in the supports to each corner.


Tips for making a perfect Wrapped Canvas using IG Wrap Stretcher Bars:

  • Start with a clean working surface to protect your canvas from scratches caused by grit and dirt.
  • If you are mounting on canvas, make sure to press the bars firmly down and apply a thin bead of glue before folding up the edges. The glue works in conjunction with the adhesive tape to make a permanent stretching.
  • To ensure proper adhesion across the entire bar, we recommend that after you have closed the frame you apply pressure along the outside edge by pressing firmly with your hand where the tape makes contact with the material. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the tape to achieve maximum adhesion.
  • We recommend that liquid laminate be applied prior to mounting. If you wish to apply liquid laminate after mounting you must wait for 2 to 3 hours for the glue to set. We recommend ClearShield Type C Liquid Laminate.
  • If you forget to glue you can remove the closing pins, open the frame, and apply the glue.

What's the difference between the GOframe 1500 PRO and the GOframe 1500 Standard?

GOframe 1500 Pro

  • Sizes from 8” to 60”
  • 7/8” Thick
  • 1-1/2” Deep
  • 8 bars / box (makes 2 frames)
  • Tensioners & fasteners included

GOframe 1500 Standard

  • Sizes from 4” to 36”
  • 3/8” Thick
  • 1-1/2” Deep
  • 16 bars / box (makes 4 frames)
  • Tensioners & fasteners included
  • Can be used with optional collage clips to create perfectly spaces collages with various canvas wraps


Please note: Canvas material and print are not included. These canvas wrap sets will work with most canvas materials, include even paper prints. We always recommend testing new materials before creating your print to be displayed. Most customers use a 300 to 450 gsm canvas material and see beautiful results. Corner clamps may vary in color.


Manufacturer GOframe
Manufacturer Part Number GF1500PROSUP-GRP
Available Supplies Starter Kit (Includes 4 Positioning Corners, Corner Trimmer with Blades, Fasteners)
Positioning Corners (4 Pack)
Corner Trimmer and Blades
4oz Glue Bottles (4 Pack)
Pro Joiner Bars (8 Pack)
16” Center Brace (12 Pack)
20” Center Brace (12 Pack)
24” Center Brace (12 Pack)
30” Center Brace (12 Pack)
40” Center Brace (12 Pack)


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