Center Brace Bars for GOframe 1500 PRO (Various Sizes)

Center Brace Bars for GOframe 1500 PRO (Various Sizes)

Brand: GoFrame
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Center braces can be paired with your extra tall or wide GOframe 1500 PRO canvas stretcher frames to help keep the canvas taught from edge-to-edge. Ideal for print shops that produce panoramic size prints, they are easily inserted into the GOFrame Pro gallery wraps using the included joining clips screwed onto opposite frame bars before assembly. These tensioner bars provide extra pull to keep the canvas stretched tight, as well as added support for the frame integrity itself, ensuring it remains square and does not wobble.


The center brace bars are ideal for the larger frames, as well as panoramic style with one dimension being extra long compared to the other; for example, a 20" x 40" print could benefit from a 20" center brace bar being added.


These bars are made of the same top-quality, sustainably-sourced, museum-quality North American Basswood. You can add one or several across your frame depending on its size and your desired stability. Just choose the length that matches your frame and start producing professional quality GOframe canvas prints today. They are available in lengths from 16 inches to 40 inches long. You can also saw them shorter using your own tools, if needed.


GOframe 1500 Pro stretcher bars are a time-saving, user-friendly, and quality solution that will either improve your current margins if you already sell canvas or help you attract new customers into your store if you don’t. Now anyone can wrap a printed canvas in store to create the perfect, gallery-wrapped canvas. Using GOframe wraps patented canvas stretcher bars you can be an expert in minutes. 


The GOframe 1500 PRO canvas stretchers are the ideal choice for small, medium, and large print shops that need to offer a quick turnaround on professionally finished canvas wraps. With the GOframe 1500 PRO canvas stretching kits you can make premium wrapped canvases quickly without complicated tools or expensive equipment. The 1500 PRO stretcher bars are available in sizes from 8" to 60", so you can make any variety of canvas sizes you desire.  An entire frame can be assembled in less than 20 minutes. Use them to create beautiful family photos, display paintings at your gallery, or sell your beautiful photography at events -- premium canvas kits can help you create a beautifully finished display.


Please note: Canvas material and frame bars are not included; this listing is for the tensioner bars only.


Item #88GFP15NCB-GRP
Manufacturer Part Number88GFP15NCB-GRP
Available Options16” Center Brace
20” Center Brace
24” Center Brace
30” Center Brace
40” Center Brace
Quantity12 Bars / Box (Includes Joining Clips & Screws)


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