2:1 Square Die for CoverPunch

2:1 Square Die for CoverPunch
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2:1 Square Die for CoverPunch

Item #: 04JBCOVERP21S
Brand: James Burn
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James Burn CoverPunch automatic punch for covers04JBCOVERPUN Request Quote
4:1 (.2475 Pitch) Oval Holes 5 x 4mm for CoverPunch04JBCOVERP41O Request Quote
3:1 Pitch Round Hole Die for CoverPunch04JBCOVER31R Request Quote
3:1 Square Die for CoverPunch04JBCOVERP31S Request Quote
2:1 Pitch Round Hole Die For CoverPunch04JBCOVERP21R Request Quote
9/16" Pitch, 8mm x 3mm Rectangular Hole Plastic Comb Die for CoverPunch04JBCOVERPPC Request Quote


The new CoverPunch automatic punch will revolutionize punching operations for cover-boards and cardboards. This versatile, ergonomically designed time-saver frees up your staff to handle other tasks while this automatic machine does the punching for them, saving you time and money. With the ability to automatically punch up to 2 400 card-boards per hour, this machine offers incredible labour savings with a quick return on investment.


  • Efficient: Speeds of up to 2 400 cover-boards per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing.
  • 2 selectable speeds: 30 or 40 cycles/minute to offer more productivity and more security for a wider range of punching tools.
  • Easy-to-use: Hands-free operation allows you to simply load the tray, push a button and walk away.
  • Conception Ergonomic design: Allows all operations, including, punch die changes, to be performed quickly and easily from the front of the machine. Incorporates integral storage space for four tools.
  • Punch die patterns: 3:1 & 2:1 Wire-O®; plastic coil and many more
  • Installation: Lockable caster wheels allow quick and easy machine placement


ManufacturerJames Burn
Manufacturer Item #CP95003
For use withJames Burn CoverPunch automatic punch


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