James Burn EM450 Series Signature Punches

James Burn EM450 Series Signature Punches
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James Burn EM450 Series Signature Punches

Item #: N2NJBEM450
Brand: James Burn


The James Burn EM450 Series features state of the art modular systems for punching and cutting signatures.

The James Burn EM450 is the entry level for signature punching applications with all format settings done by manual adjustments and max. speed of 10,000 cycles / hour. It can also be combined with the EMC module. The EMC module is equipped with lateral knives (1 right, 1 left, and 1 central knife) to trim signatures punched on the EM450. It can be run in-line connected to the SF feeder module.

The EM450 SP set ups are programmable and fully automatized. Its speed of up to 12,000 cycles / hour enables it to be run in-line with the latest generation of high speed folding machines. It can also run in-line connected to the SF feeder module.


  • Both EM machines are controlled by a variable speed frequency inverter and do not rely on a clutch. This minimizes wear and reduces maintenance cost.
  • The punching cycles of the EM450 SP are electronically synchronized and self-adjusted to the speed of the folding machine for optimum output.
  • The EM machines can run on or off line and take single or double action tools. Double action tools are generally used to do a top punching made of 1 line of perforation (e.g. Wire-O® or spiral) and corner perforation or round cornering or tab cutting on the back edge of the signatures simultaneously. Double action tools reduce setting time and increase throughput by at least 25%.
  • All format settings can be programmed on the EM450 SP through a touch key control panel making this machine user-friendly. Settings can be memorized which helps saves valuable set up time.
  • The RS interface can be adjusted in height to allow linking most of the existing folding machines. It is entirely electronically controlled and ensures a properly synchronized link between the folding machine and the EM module.
  • The SF feeder is designed to feed signatures, cardboard or plastic covers to the EM module.


Item # N2NJBEM450
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # EM450
Max Width 16.53" (420 mm)
Min Width 5.51" (140 mm)
Max Length w/ Single Action Tool 12.59" (320 mm)
Max Length w/ Double Action Tool 8.66" (220 mm)
Min Length w/Double Action Tool 3.93" (100 mm)
Max Cutting Size (L x W) 8.66" (220 mm) x 16.53" (420 mm)
Min Cutting Size (L x W) 2.75" (70 mm) x 3.93" (100 mm)
Quantity 1
Shipping Weight (lbs) 882
Die Sharpening Service James Burn Express Die Sharpening Service


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