James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch 1 /Each

James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch 1 /Each
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James Burn EPX700 Heavy Duty Console Punch 1 /Each

Item #: 04JBEPX700
Brand: James Burn
Product Name Item Number Price Qty
EX610DA Punch Die - 52 Square Holes 4X4 mm Plus 1 Round Hole 04JBEX610DADI Request Quote
EX610 Double Action Die 3:1 x 4mm Square + Nail Hole 1 /Each 04JBEX610DA31 Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 4mm x 4:1 w/ 96 Round Holes 04JBEX610CST3 Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die - 5.8mm x 2.5:1 with 60 Round Holes 04JBEX610CST2 Request Quote
4:1 Round Die for EX610 320014204 04JBEX61041R Request Quote
EX610 Round Hole Die 375 Pitch 64 Holes 1/4" (6.35mm) 04JBEX610375R Request Quote
3:1 Round Hole Die with Thumb Cut 04JBEX61031RT Request Quote
3:1 Pitch, 6.5mm x 5.5mm Oval Die 04JBEX61031OV Request Quote
2:1 Pitch 6mm Round Hole Die 04JBEX61021R Request Quote
3:1 Pitch 4mm Round Hole Die for an EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61031R Request Quote
4:1 (.250) 5 x 4 mm Oval Hole (24" / 96 holes) For EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61041OV Request Quote
4:1 (.248) Pitch 4.75mm Round Hole Die for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX610248R Request Quote
3:1 Square Die for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX61031S Request Quote
4:1 (.2475 Pitch) Oval Holes 5 x 4mm for EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX6102475 Request Quote
9/16" Pitch, 8mm x 3mm Rectangular Hole Die 1 /Each 04JBEX610PB Request Quote
2:1 Square Die for EX610 320014202 1 /Each 04JBEX61021S Request Quote
4:1 (.248 Pitch) w/5mm x 4mm Oval Holes - EX610 1 /Each 04JBEX610OVL Request Quote
3:1 Square Die with Thumb Cut 320014203 1 /Each 04JBEX61031ST Request Quote
4:1 (.248) Round Die for EX380 4.75mm Hole Diameter 1 /Each 04JBEX38241R Request Quote


With the James Burn EPX700 heavy duty console punch, your commercial-level punching output can be increased to an impressive 50 cycles per minute, which amounts to about 3,000 every hour. With just 1 operator needed to be present and run the machine, the EPX700 can also decrease your labor costs, so your staff can perform other tasks throughout your plant. This powerful automatic binding punch will work with paper sizes up to 26" x 27 ½" with no limitations for the paper stock type, just a max punching thickness of 4mm. There is no air compressor required to run this industrial binding punch, and removable punching pins on the dies allows for complete customization of your punching pattern. A quick 5 minute setup means you can spend less time prepping the machine, and more time running it. One major benefit of the EPX700 by James Burn is it's ability to work with either EX380 or EX610 punching dies, and is often paired with these machines for items than cannot run on the automatic line.

The manually-fed punching machine is designed for continuous operation in a commercial environment. It can run a huge variety of materials including paper, plastic, covers, card stocks, backboards, acetates, spap-out sets, and more. It offers high-performance output, flexible and simple operation, and a fast punch that is the 1st important step to a perfect finished book. Compact dimensions measuring just 37 ½" W x 31 ½ D x 45 ³/₁₀" H mean it is easy to place anywhere in your shop easy installation in busy work locations.

Maximum Recommended Sheet Thickness

   • Punching (Wire-O, Spiral Coil, Multi-O ): Adjustable up to 40 sheets (100gsm)
   • Tear-off perforations (for delicate work): 1mm or 10 sheets (10mm stroke essential)
   • Index cutting, round cornering: 5-6mm with 10mm stroke, 10-15mm with 25mm stroke
   • Scoring/clearing: 1mm/5mm

Frontlay Top Perforation

   • Tools with a fixed margin: 15mm maximum
   • Tools without a fixed margin: No limit

*May vary depending on sheet size, paper stock, operator, and other factors.


Item # 04JBEPX700
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Part Number EPX700 US
Suggested User Industrial
Binding Style Multiple Binding Styles
Operation: Punching Electric
Compatible Supplies & Accessories EX380 15" Punching Dies
EX610 24" Punching Dies
Power Voltage 200v Single Phase 50 Hz
380v 3 Phase 50/60 Hz
Castors No
Dimensions 37 ½" W x 31 ½ D x 45 ³/₁₀" H
Punch & Bind Capability Punch Only
Setup Time Less than 5 Minutes
Die Change Time 5-10 Minutes
Paper Size 26" x 27 ½"
Accepted Paper Type No Stock Limitations
Selectable Speeds Up to 50 Cycles / Minute
Maximum Punching Thickness 4 mm
Air Compressor Requirements No Air Compressor Required
Control Panel No Control Panel
Die Sharpening Available Yes, Express Die Sharpening Service is Available
Disengageable Die Pins Yes (Removable Pins)
Die / Tool Storage No Die Storage On-Unit
Hands-Free Operation No
Monthly Volume / Duty Rating Continuous Use (Monthly Volume Dependent on Operator and Shifts)
Special Training Required None
Product Weight (lbs) 882
Shipping Weight (lbs) 1040
Shipping Information This item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (800)631-3572. Click here for full details.


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