Reception Conveyor for Wire-O Binder 5000

Reception Conveyor for Wire-O Binder 5000
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Reception Conveyor for Wire-O Binder 5000

Item #: 04JBWOB5000RC
Brand: James Burn
Product Name Item Number Price Qty
James Burn WOB5000 Wire-O Bind 5000 Semi-Automatic Wire Binding & Finishing Machine 04JBWOB5000 Request Quote
WOB Spool Holder Kit for up to 10" Calendar Hooks 04JBWOSHK10 Request Quote
WOB Calendar Hanger Feeder For up to 10" Hook (loose only) 04JBWOCHK10 Request Quote


Pair the WOB reception conveyor with the James Burn WOB5000 semi-automatic wire binder and finisher. It adds convenience and efficiency by moving your finished documents on a conveyor, creating a neat stack to handle. Relieve operator fatigue and improve productivity with this optional add-on accessory.


Item # 04JBWOB5000RC
Manufacturer James Burn
Manufacturer Item # T5000US Compatible Equipment


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