James Burn Koilmatic Tabletop Coil Inserter & Crimper 1 /Each

James Burn Koilmatic Tabletop Coil Inserter & Crimper 1 /Each
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James Burn Koilmatic Tabletop Coil Inserter & Crimper 1 /Each

Brand: James Burn


If your print shop has already invested into automatic punching, and you are ready to invest in automatic binding, then consider the Koillmatic by James Burn. This heavy duty coil inserting and crimping machine packs a powerful punch, but is compact and lightweight enough to sit on a worktable, leaving your valuable floor space clear. Designed specially for the print-on-demand market, the Koilmatic will produce perfectly bound and finished coil books quickly, and with little effort. It works with spiral binding coils from 8mm up to 20mm, covering the most popular document sizes up to 5/8" thick. It also works with both 8 ½" and 11" binding edges, so you can meet the needs of most customers on the market.

With the James Burn Koilmatic automatic coil finishing machine, all your operator has to do is set the machine up for the size of book they are doing, place the document into the machine, and press the foot pedal. The Koilmatic will automatically insert the coils through the pre-punched holes, as well as cut and crimp the coils to the optimum length for your book. Setup of this machine is simple, and requires no tools or special training or background (a training DVD is included). All you have to do is follow the steps that are displayed on the LCD screen, or use the printed 9-step instructions that are on the front of the unit. It requires no air compressor to run, just a standard 110 volt outlet.

The Koilmatic offers vertical book placement that utilized gravity, as well as guides, to offer perfectly aligned pages. This also means that the right side of your document is always up, allowing for oversize and even tabbed sheets without trouble. Unique to only James Burn machinery, it also features coil formers for each spiral coil size. These coil formers catch your book block and shape the spine for each individual coil size, creating the optimum curve. This curve follows the curve of the coil, which ensures your coils won't catch or jam in the book as they are inserted, as well as guarantees the maximum productivity possible. It offers consistent and simultaneous crimping on both coil ends, lending to this even further.

This industrial-level tabletop coil inserting and crimping machine features innovative adjustments and settings that ensure a perfectly finished book, every time. This includes coil diameter selection to help you choose the best size for your book thickness, as well as coil diameter adjustment knobs and clamps. The LCD screen is easy to read, and offers step-by-step walk through of all functions, as well as communicates the machine status while running.

Koilmatic Features & Benefits:

   • Fast & Simple Setup - Setup of the Koilmatic is very quick and simple, requiring no special tools, and being completed in less than 5 minutes by an experienced operator.
   • Fast Size Changes - Sizes can be changed over fast, so setup between jobs is practically eliminated.
   • Speedy Finishing - Production speeds up to 450 books per hour*. Simultaneous 2-side crimping.
   • Hands-Free Activation - Foot pedal leaves both hands free to handle documents.
   • Clean Finishing - Perfect cutting and crimping of coils for a clean finished document.
   • Small, Tabletop Model - Takes up very little space on your table, leaving your operating floor clear.
   • Fully Electric - No air compressor is required, just a standard 110 volt outlet.
   • Spine Formers - Unique to James Burn, 13 spine formers are included, one for each size of coil from 8mm to 20mm. Coil formers create a curve in the book block spine that matches the radius of the coil size exactly, ensuring perfect inserting, every time.


*May vary depending on sheet size, paper stock, operator, and other factors.


ManufacturerJames Burn
Manufacturer Part NumberKOILMATIC
Suggested UserIndustrial
Binding StyleSpiral Binding / Plastic Coil
Operation: BindingElectric
Included Supplies & Accessories13 Spine Formers
Photo Instruction Manual
Training DVD
Power Voltage110V Single Phase
Dimensions31" W x 22" D x 15" H
Manufacturer's Warranty90 Day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Punch & Bind CapabilityBinding Only
Setup TimeLess than 5 Minutes
Paper Size8 ½", 11", A5, & A4 Binding Edges
Accepted Paper TypeNo Stock Limitations
Compatible Binding Supply Sizes8 to 20 mm Plastic Coils
Maximum Book ThicknessUp to 5/8" Thick
Selectable SpeedsDependent on Operator (Foot Pedal Cycles)
Speed*Up to 450 Books per Hour
Air Compressor RequirementsNo Air Compressor Required
Control PanelLCD Screen
Hands-Free OperationNo
Special Training RequiredNo Special Training Required
Product Weight (lbs)135
Shipping Weight (lbs)221
Shipping InformationThis item ships via Truck (Common Carrier). It is the responsibility of the Consignee (receiver) to remove the product from the truck. If you do not have a loading dock or any other means to lift the freight off the truck and/or you need assistance bringing the product inside of your location please call (866) 537-2244. Click here for full details.


James Burn Koilmatic Auto Tabletop Coil Inserter & Crimper (Overview)

James Burn Koilmatic Coil Inserter & Crimper

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