Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator

Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator
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Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator

Brand: Fujipla
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ALM 3220 / 3222 Exclusive A.S.A.P. Roll Film has been designed and developed for On-Demand digital prints. Called A.S.A.P. film because it "always stick to all prints" is a breakthrough in adhesive technology offering superior adhesion to Xerox®, Kodak®, Canon® and most other hard to stick to toner based digital output.

Digital print compatible lamination films that adhere to any offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils. One film covers all print applications.

A.S.A.P. Roll Film Features:

  • Anti-static properties allow for easy post lamination finishing.
  • Digital print compatible - will adhere to offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils.
  • One film covers all print applications.
  • Available in 1.2 mil. nylon 1.5 mil 3.0 mil 5 mil. Gloss and Matte
  • Film cartridges are precisely wound for ease of loading

ASAP films are designed to bond to the hard to adhere to toner based digital prints. On Demand Digital Printing utilizes toner based print engines which contain fuser oils and glycol. These additives create a surface which conventional co-polymer films have a difficult time sticking to. ASAP adhesive is a specialized adhesive layer designed to bond to these difficult toner surfaces. ASAP stands for Always Sticks, All Prints meaning this film can be used for any printed sheet whether it is a difficult toner surface or conventional offset printing. Many films may only perform well on some digital toner based output, and fail on others, Super-Lam with ASAP adhesive runs equally well on ALL digital toner based prints and conventional offset prints.The wide running temperature of Super-Lam allows the end user to dial in the ideal temperature and speed settings to insure adhesion to any digital toner or conventional offset prints.

Using ALM Systems for single side lamination

One of the increasingly popular film applications is to use a soft touch laminate like the ALM Elegant Silk Matte film for single sided lamination projects. The key to this application is to use the ALM 1.2 mil Elegant Silk Matte and using a liner film on the underside of the product your are laminating. Because the 1.2 mil Elegant Silk Matte film is a PET based film, there are some important keys to successfully running it in single sided applications.

  • Use none to very little tension on the ESM and under film. Apply only enough tension to keep film from wrinkling.
  • Remove idler roller from bottom to reduce tension of under film.
  • Run liner film on the bottom and the ESM laminate on the top
  • Paper being used for single side laminatation should be no less than 80 lb. cover weight stock, the heavier the stock the better.

Since the ALM does not have de curling devices the above steps will provide a nearly flat sheet for most perfect bound cover weight sheets and card stock that is used for business or post cards.

Note: These same techniques should also be used when running the single sided nylon film as well.Using 1.2 mil Elegant Silk Matte for single side lamination

Note: The 10 Mil Gloss film only runs in the ALM3222 system. the ALM 3222 & 3230 laminating system is available in limited distribution areas.


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