Automatic Laminators

High Speed Laminating machines are designed for high-speed performance. Providing variable-speed operations it increases production over hand-feeding in high volume production runs. Compliment your laminator with the slit scrap rewinder. The slit scrap rewinder was designed for a debris free work area. You'll be able to remove excess debris quickly and easily with this item.

Like all laminators, High Speed Laminating machines offer unique features to make laminating easy. Click on the items for more details and a list of their features.

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  1. Matrix 530P Pneumatic Single Sided Laminator

    • Max. Laminating Speed: 33 feet/min
    • Max. Width: 20 inches
    • Warm-Up Time: 10 mins
    • Film Core: 3 inches
  2. Matrix 530DP Duplex Pneumatic Laminator

    • Max. Encapsulating Speed: 39 inches/min
    • Max. Laminating Speed: 33 feet/min
    • Max. Encapsulating Width: 20 inches
    • Max. Laminating Film Width: 20 inches
  3. Matrix 370P Pneumatic Single-Sided Laminator and Foiler

    • Max. Laminating Speed: 33 feet/min
    • Max. Width: 13 inches
    • Warm-Up Time: 10 mins
    • Film Core: 3 inches
  4. Matrix 370DP Pneumatic Duplex Laminator and Foiler

    • Pneumatic pressure
    • Multifunctional - laminate, foil & create spot UV-style effects
    • Laminate both sides at the same time
    • Easy-to-use control panel
  5. Fujipla HLA-2301 ALM 12.6" Automatic Laminator

    • Laminating Width: 12.6”
    • Speed: 68" per minute
    • Film Thickness: 1.5 - 5 mil (Total 16 mil)
    • Paper Thickness: 17lb bond - 100lb cover
  6. GBC Foton 30 Automated Pouch-Free Laminator 1 /Each

    • Continuous, automated laminating
    • Easy cartridge change-out (pouch-free)
    • 98% faster than manual-load pouch laminators
    • Automatic trimming
  7. Revo-T14 Automatic 12" Encapsulation Laminator with Feeder, Cutter and Stand

    • Max. Laminating Width: Up to 12"
    • Max. Laminating Thickness: 1.5 - 5 mil
    • Print 500 sheets in 60 minutes.
    • In one step, the machine feeds the paper, laminates it, and cuts it.
  8. Revo-Office Automatic 12" Encapsulation Laminator with Feeder and Cutter

    • Table-top design allows it to fit easily in an office or school setting
    • Complete up to 240 sheets per hour with the push of a button
    • Engineered to save on trim waste, making it cost-efficient.
    • Replace cassettes easily with access from the top
  9. ALM 3230 Laminator 1 /Each

    • Heated rollers for crystal clear scratch-free lamination
    • Adjustable trim for full encapsulation or precise flush cut
    • Sits on a tabletop or optional stand
    • Green Button Operation: Virtually unattended operation, touch the button and walk away for labor-free, fully trimmed and laminated sheets

9 Items

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