Automated Two-Sided Laminating

High Speed Laminating machines are designed for high-speed performance. Providing variable-speed operations it increases production over hand-feeding in high volume production runs. Compliment your laminator with the slit scrap rewinder. The slit scrap rewinder was designed for a debris free work area. You'll be able to remove excess debris quickly and easily with this item.

Like all laminators, High Speed Laminating machines offer unique features to make laminating easy. Click on the items for more details and a list of their features.

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  1. GBC Foton 30 Automatic Pouch-Free Laminator with Feeder and Trimmer and Film Cartridges

    • Continuous, automated laminating
    • Easy cartridge change-out (pouch-free)
    • 98% faster than manual-load pouch laminators
    • Automatic trimming
  2. Laminate for ALM 3220 / 3222 Auto Laminator

    • Anti-static properties allow for easy post lamination finishing.
    • Digital print compatible - will adhere to offset, ink jet or print engines using waxes or fuser oils.
    • One film covers all print applications.
    • Available in 1.2 mil. nylon 1.5 mil 3.0 mil 5 mil. Gloss and Matte

2 Items

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