Roll Laminators

Roll Laminators

Professional laminating is easily achieved with one of our best-in-class roll lamination machines. These systems are reliable and capable of handling any project, small or large. Choose from two different roll laminator categories: standard format or wide format. Standard format machines range anywhere from 12 to 27 inches wide, while wide format systems range from 28 to 65 inches wide. You can find standard format roll laminators in a huge variety of industries, from education, to corporations, to government agencies. Large format laminators are a bit more specialized, primarily found in the printing and sign making industries.


With a roll laminator, your business can begin to achieve new levels of production speed, allowing you to meet your customer and business needs with unheard-of efficiency. With these fast laminators, there is less standing around and waiting for a document to exit; the continuous motion keep your jobs moving for page after page, or sign after sign. Just pair with our high quality roll lamination film rolls for the cleanest finish and overall best end-to-end results.


We are proud to be partnered with the best brand names in the industry, offering premium quality lamination machines from GBC, DryLam, Tamerica, Pro-Lam, D&K Group, Royal Sovereign, Fujipla, and ArtGrafix. These partnerships are backed with a strong foundation of nearly 90 years in the industry, making Binding101 the best place to buy a roll laminating machine online. We take considerable pride in our industry-leading selection of roll laminators that offer high production rates and are built to last. Browse the entire collection below, or give us a call at (866) 537-2244 if you need some guidance or have any questions.

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