Grommet Presses and Grommets

Spiral Binding is home to a large selection of foam board and sign supplies, as well as all the accessories you need to produce professional-quality banners and signs. We offer a wide variety of grommet press machines made of quality components, so your office or print shop can perform grommeting with ease. Grommet machines are also well-suited to at-home craft projects. Our selection also includes a wide range of grommets, dies, die adapters, pliers, alignment tools, brass eyelets, and so much more. When you spend $75 or more, you can also qualify for free shipping to any address within the continental U.S. Explore our selection today to find the perfect solution to meet production needs.


Grommet press machines play an important role in the signage industry, but they are also convenient for businesses that produce grommeted fabrics, tarps, upholstery, military textile, leather, vinyl, corrugated plastic, and much more. Our selection includes top-of-the-line grommet machines made by ClipsShop, an expert on professional grommeting. Hand press machines are perfect for low-volume grommeting in small offices and print shops. These affordable press models feature unique handle shapes to reduce the force needed and operator fatigue. If you need to switch between sizes, die change-over is fast and simple.


We also offer stroking and pneumatic grommet press machines for professional applications. With a stroking feature, a grommet machine takes the effort to press the handle down through any material to a whole new level of simple by essentially pulling and shooting the grommet through the material. Pneumatic press machines can handle a full range of grommets and die sizes, providing the versatility you need to accelerate the grommet application process. We also offer hand grommet pliers that make grommeting fast and convenient even when traveling.


Achieve impeccable results by matching your machine with the correct accessories. All grommets are made of solid brass and will not rust. We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors to suit every ClipsShop machine in our inventory. Looking for hole-cutting, grommet-setting, or self-piercing dies? Look no further than our selection for a broad range of sizes to suit any need.

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