Aqueous Inkjet Media

Spiral Binding stocks a premium collection of aqueous inkjet media for any variety of wide format printing needs. Whether you need it to produce art reproductions, photo prints, posters, engineering drawings, indoor and outdoor signs and banners, trade-show displays, event graphics, wallcoverings, or everyday printing, you can find it in our online catalog. We offer many of the newest products for state-of-the-art printers, as well as harder-to-find wide format inkjet media optimized for older wide format inkjet printers that are still running strong. Our biggest selection of wide format aqueous inkjet media has been the ideal solution for the many corporate offices, architecture and engineering firms, colleges and universities, retailers, schools, government agencies, houses of worship, and other institutions that use aqueous wide format inkjet printers.

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  1. Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer 1 /Each

    • Provides a safe way to cut and trim banners
    • Suits banner widths of 4" to 43"
    • Accurate - cuts within a 1/16" margin
    • Trim and cut banners in minutes
  2. MasterMount Plus Dry Mount Tissue - 1 Roll

    • Coated on both sides with a heat activated adhesive that bonds as it heats.
    • Placed between the paper and the mounting board and then put into a dry mount press.
    • Bond: Permanent
    • Base Material: Breathable Paper
  3. Pressure Sensitive Polyester Laminate

    • Very thin, ultra-clear, high-quality laminating film that is ideal for protecting high-end photographic.
    • Popular choice for laminating photographic prints.
    • The gloss finish can enhance the vibrancy and visual appeal of the photographic print.
    • Outstanding resistance to marking and scuffing won't shrink or expand; helps prevent tunneling or channeling.
  4. 2mil High Gloss White Cast Vinyl with EZ Apply Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Latex/Solvent/UV (1 Roll)

    • Premium PSA Cast White Vinyl
    • The textured air release liner has embossed pattern that produces channels in the adhesive that will help air to escape during application.
    • Up to 5 year outdoor durability
    • Perfect for vehicle wraps, decals and markings over flat, corrugated, riveted or seamed surfaces.
  5. 13 oz. One Sided Banner Media for Solvant/Latex/ UV Printers

    • A single side printable material that is cost effective
    • Great for front lit applications, billboards for promotional advertising and point of purchase.
    • Fire Resistance Coating--that passes the NFPA 701 fire resistant certification test.
    • Available in matte or gloss finish white
  6. 10mil Polycarbonate Printable Media for Latex, Solvent & UV Printers

    • Ideal for trade show, POP, backlit, and floor graphics; nameplates; and control panels
    • 10 mil, reverse-print polycarbonate for use with latex, solvent and UV-curable inks
    • Automatically protected by the textured, scratch-resistant, non-glare front surface of the polycarbonate film
    • Provides consistent, accurate, brilliant color on a wide variety of latex, solvent and uv-curable printers.
  7. Water-Resistant Self-Adhesive Vinyl-Aqueous & Latex Printers

    • Great for short-term outdoor signage on many different sign substrates
    • Photo-quality printing on exceptionally water-resistant, super-smooth surface
    • 5-mil, scratch-resistant vinyl backed by a strong, solvent-based adhesive
    • Material: Matte Calendared Vinyl
  8. 16 Mil Water-Resistant Poly Cloth For Aqueous Printers

    • Smooth, bright-white, wrinkle-resistant fabric that provides excellent image quality
    • Lightweight, water-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, tear-resistant terylene fabric
    • Perfect for photo exhibitions, trade-show graphics, P-O-P displays, and décor art
    • Works with aqueous dye or pigment inks
  9. Water-Resistant Removable Fabric for Aqueous & Latex

    • Easy to print, install, reposition and remove
    • Does not rip, wrinkle or stretch
    • Photographic image quality
    • 110° bright white, matte, smooth fabric base
  10. 8mil Water-Resistant Polypropylene Film for Latex & Aqueous Printers

    • 8 mil Water-Resistant Polypropylene film is an ideal substitude for paper for ability to resist tearing and splitting.
    • Produce temporary indoor banners, graphics, posters and displays.
    • Offers high strength and resistance so it can be used as a banner material with excellent coating for a high photo quality output.
    • Ideal to use indoor with lasting durability or short term outdooor applications.
  11. 9mil Water-Resistant Backlit Film for Aqueous or Latex Printers

    • Water-Resistant 9 mil Backlit Film is outdoor fade and water-resistant backlit film.
    • Front print backlit film is designed for high quality backlit displays and signage.
    • Satin, low-glare surface finish designed for durable indoor and outdoor backlit display signage.
    • Compatible with Latex and Aqueous dye and pigment inkjet printers.
  12. 5 Mil Water-Proof Adhesive Back White Matte Vinyl Media

    • Printing: 60-80 deg. F, 50% Relative Humidity
    • Handling Requirements: Due to absorptive nature of the coating, avoid touching the coated surface with bare skin. Always wear cotton gloves when handling inkjet-coated materials. Rolls are supplied with the coated surface wound out. When rolling graphics,
    • Life Expectancy: Outdoor - up to 6 months without lamination with pigmented inks.
    • Shelf Life: 6 months from ship date when stored in proper conditions.
  13. 8 mil UV Microporous Inkjet Photo Paper

    • Offers "instant dry" technology that is ideal for fast-turnaround, higher-volume photo printing on a variety of makes and models of Aqueous Inkjets.
    • Features a high white point for greater contrast and a wider color gamut.
    • Can be used on all types of water based inkjet printers.
    • Available in a gloss or satin finish.
  14. 140 gsm Matte Coated Paper

    • Excellent line definition
    • Fast dry for faster production
    • High color density offering rich colors and dense blacks
    • Material: Matte Coated Paper
    Product NameItem NumberPriceQty
    140 gsm Matte Coated Paper [140 gsm, 24" X 100'] 1 /Each87KCHRMP724 Request Quote
    140 gsm Matte Coated Paper [140 gsm, 36" X 100'] 1 /Each87KCHRMP736 Request Quote
    140 gsm Matte Coated Paper [140 gsm, 42" X 100'] 1 /Each87KCHRMP742 Request Quote
    140 gsm Matte Coated Paper [140 gsm, 50" X 100'] 1 /Each87KCHRMP750 Request Quote
  15. 13 oz. Blockout Scrim Banner Printable 2-Sides- Solvant/ UV

    • 13 oz smooth PVC scrim banner media has blockout for printing 2-sided.
    • Provides high print resolution and image quality.
    • Can be sewn and grommeted great for banners for promotional advertising and point of purchase.
    • Fire Resistance Coating--that passes the NFPA 701 Test 2 fire resistant certification test.
  16. Water Proof Block-Out Scrim Banner Vinyl

    • Matte finish blockout scrim
    • Has a layer of tear resistant fabric embedded between two layers of bright white.
    • Scratch resistant
    • Waterproof, scrim vinyl, the printed side does not show through.
  17. 230 gsm Heavyweight Matte Coated Paper for Latex & Aqueous Printers

    • Bright white, 9 mil, 230 gsm matte, coated paper
    • For presentations, POS signs, posters, event signage, and trade-show graphics
    • Glare-free surface support high color density and sharp images
    • Compatible with all thermal & piezo inkjet printers using aqueous dye or pigmented inks and latex printers
  18. 200 gsm Matte Coated Paper for Latex & Aqueous Printers

    • Ideal for high-impact graphics that require thermal laminating
    • Supports highly saturated colors, good image quality, and brilliant colors
    • High color gamut for excellent color reproduction
    • Fast-drying paper that bridges the gap between presentation bonds and photo papers
  19. Photo Base Paper for Aqueous Ink Jet Printers

    • Features a high white point for greater contrast and a wider color gamut.
    • Economical, heavy weight, and resin coated.
    • Specially designed ink-receiving layer that handles high ink saturation without cockling.
    • Available in a gloss or satin finish.
  20. 8mil Self Adhesive Microporous Polypropylene- Aqueous Printer

    • Glossy microporous coating compatible with most water based inkjet inks
    • 8-Mil Polypropylene base for durability and stiffness
    • Solvent based permanent / removeable adhesive for durablity
    • Ideal for POS / POP displays, Opaque window graphics, Short term economical glossy signage, Photo reproductions
  21. Microporous Polypropylene For Aqueous Ink Jet Printers

    • Bright white, water resistant, recyclable polypropylene film with a microporous coating for instant drying.
    • Produce spectacular, brilliantly colored graphics that will last up to one year outdoors without lamination.
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Caliper/Gauge: 8 mil
  22. Water-Resistant Scrim Banner Vinyl (1 Roll)

    • Scrim-reinforced vinyl for Latex and Aqueous based inkjet printers
    • Designed to create cost-effective graphics
    • High tensile strength consists of polyester fabric embedded between vinyl (less susceptible to tearing)
    • Ideal for event signage in art galleries, museums, supermarkets, service stations, & more
  23. HP Durable Satin Backlit Fabric (Many Sizes)

    • Engineered with ColorPRO Technology to provide enhanced image quality and durability
    • Tradeshow and event backlit displays - Flame resistant (B1 and NFPA 701 approved fire certifications)
    • Digital textile for printing soft signage that provides for attractive new market opportunities.
    • Create high-impact displays

28 Items

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