Latex Inkjet Media

The latest developments in the inkjet ink field are the latex inks and resin-based inks. Both ink systems use water as the main ingredient but the carrier for the pigments is either latex or resin-based. Latex inkjet printers using these types of inks also need heaters built into the printer, so the media becomes receptive to the ink and also to allow the ink to dry properly. Since the inks are water-based there is no need for extra ventilation to remove any harmful substances emanating from the printer. The water-based formulations of latex inks reduce the impact of printing on the environment. They produce durable printing for outdoor and indoor applications. Prints look very good for signage applications.

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  1. 3.4mil Matte White Vinyl Floor & Carpet PS Media 1 /Each

    • Specifiaccly desigend for floor graphics on vinyl floors and carpet.
    • Adhesive: Clear Removable Acrylic
    • Film: 3.4 Mil Flexible Vinyl
    • Liner: 90# Lay Flat
  2. Pressure Sensitive Indoor Floor Laminate

    • Great for POP, trade shows and conventions.
    • Powerful full color graphics make an impact and stand out among the crowd.
    • Specially designed for use with floor graphic applications.
    • It offers a UL-410 approved for slip resistance.
  3. 2mil High Gloss White Cast Vinyl with EZ Apply Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - Latex/Solvent/UV (1 Roll)

    • Premium PSA Cast White Vinyl
    • The textured air release liner has embossed pattern that produces channels in the adhesive that will help air to escape during application.
    • Up to 5 year outdoor durability
    • Perfect for vehicle wraps, decals and markings over flat, corrugated, riveted or seamed surfaces.
  4. 3 Mil Gloss White PSA Vinyl "Sidewalk" Solvent/Latex/UV 1 /Roll

    • Designed for slightly textured exterior asphalt and cured concrete surfaces.
    • Uses include outdoor signage, promotional and point of purchase graphics.
    • Compatible with OEM Solvent, Latex & UV Curable Inks.
    • Outdoor life up to 60 days with lamination - Use with slip-resistant outdoor floor laminate.
  5. 8mil Clear Focus EconoVue Window Film - Solvent & Latex Printers

    • Applications- POP, retail and commercial window graphics for short term use.
    • 1.7 mm holes, 60/40 perforation pattern (40% open)
    • White finish on print side and black finish on window side
    • Compatible with OEM Solvent and Mild Solvent
  6. 3 Mil Matte White Calendered Vinyl with Permanent Gray Adhesive and 88# Lay Flat Liner - Solvent/Latex/UV

    • Great when glare is not needed
    • Can be used for interior and exterior signage
    • Uses include outdoor signage, promotional and point of purchase graphics, trade show displays
    • Compatible with OEM Solvent and Mild Solvent Ink
  7. Low Tack Window Film Media for Latex, Solvent & UV Printers

    • Extra pop when graphics are paired with light source
    • Viewable day and night from indoors or outdoors
    • Removable adhesive
    • One-step window graphics solution
  8. 13 oz. One Sided Banner Media for Solvant/Latex/ UV Printers

    • A single side printable material that is cost effective
    • Great for front lit applications, billboards for promotional advertising and point of purchase.
    • Fire Resistance Coating--that passes the NFPA 701 fire resistant certification test.
    • Available in matte or gloss finish white
  9. 10mil Polycarbonate Printable Media for Latex, Solvent & UV Printers

    • Ideal for trade show, POP, backlit, and floor graphics; nameplates; and control panels
    • 10 mil, reverse-print polycarbonate for use with latex, solvent and UV-curable inks
    • Automatically protected by the textured, scratch-resistant, non-glare front surface of the polycarbonate film
    • Provides consistent, accurate, brilliant color on a wide variety of latex, solvent and uv-curable printers.

Items 1-36 of 57

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